Win a Chuck E. Cheese’s Guest Pass – Free Pizza, Drinks and 30 Tokens

I can’t recall the first time I went to Chuck E. Cheese’s,but my kids were crazy small. I remember appreciating the younger area they had with a cute climbing/interactive thing, as well as babyish video games. What always killed me though, were the tubes. You know, the long, interconnected play tubes that hung from the ceiling and kids could climb up and run/climb around them. Yeah, those were awful for one big reason… I’d always climb up …

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Waxing On, Waxing Off With Madame Tussaud

Madame Tussaud's Lifesize Models

I’ve spent my entire life in New York. Not in the crazy crowded city of Manhattan itself, but in the suburbs. Close enough to visit, but far enough away to be considered living “upstate” from most Mannhattanites. So when we visit NYC, I don’t really consider us tourists. Except for last weekend. On Sunday, my family headed down to the Big Apple to meet some family friends and go to Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. I’ve …

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