How to Get Your Video Game Kid Off the Couch and Outside

Nintendo turtle shell football

This post contains affiliate links. My boys couldn’t be more different. And yet so similar. Jason’s a YouTube-watching, video game-playing teenager. And Ryan’s a YouTube-watching, sports-playing almost-teen. So we’re often trying hard to get our kids to exercise. With Jason, it’s certainly more of an effort. Ryan played basketball in the winter and just started up Little League baseball, so he’s certainly active these days. Jason, however, loves playing his video games and working hard …

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Real Tailgating is Not for the Weak of Heart (or Weak of Stomach)


Tailgating is a serious sport. Like the warriors who take to the Grid Iron each and every Sunday across this great nation of ours, this food-filled festivity is 50% sweat, 50% pure mental steel and 100% appetite. Okay, so I wasn’t aware there would be math in this post. Sorry. The art of tailgating has certainly stepped up over the past few decades as you’ll now find fans cooking up everything from gourmet wings to …

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Lil’ Teammates NFL Collectible Team Set #Giveaway (Ends 11/7)

We’re almost halfway through another crazy NFL season and seriously, this year is nuttier than ever. There are so many teams that are just playing pretty poorly that at this stage of the game, it’s anybody’s guess who’s going to the Super Bowl! (Except for the Jets, of course. Haw haw!) Back in August, I wrote a review about Teenymates‘ adorable collectible football figures. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved these little pigskin …

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