How to Start A Blog From Scratch

Start a Blog

It never fails. I tell my friends about an unbelievable Disney Press Event I just got back from. Or when I show off the slick new iPad that Netflix just sent me. Or maybe I mentioned the nice side income I’ve earned from Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy this year. From the trips to the celebrity interviews to the advanced movie screenings, as well as the free swag and compensation, it always ends with the same …

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How to Install a Waterpik RainFall Shower Head in Under 4 minutes!

Waterpik rainfall shower head installation

I’ve proudly boasted about my lack of handyman skills before. But the one thing I never told you guys is that besides being handy with electronics, I can actually do one piece of plumbing pretty well. Yes, I can change shower heads. Oh, and toilet seat covers too. Those are easy. I’ve changed shower heads before and it takes awhile, it’s always dripping despite me tightening things with a wrench and using 400 pounds of …

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