How to Install a Waterpik RainFall Shower Head in Under 4 minutes!

waterpik rainfall shower head

I’ve proudly boasted about my lack of handyman skills before. But the one thing I never told you guys is that besides being handy with electronics, I can actually do one piece of plumbing pretty well. Yes, I can change shower heads. Oh, and toilet seat covers too. Those are easy.

I’ve changed shower heads before and it takes awhile, it’s always dripping despite me tightening things with a wrench and using 400 pounds of thread tape. I get them working in the end but only after a good hour or two of blood, sweat, tears and curses.

So when I was approached by Waterpik to review their RainFall+ Rain Shower Head, clearly I was a bit hesitant. And to add to my trepidation, they actually hand picked me as just one of two bloggers who will be posting a How To video showing the Waterpik rainfall shower head installation.

All the other bloggers got to do videos just talking about creating a bathroom oasis. Great, they all get to show off nice candles, soft rugs and bath salts, while me and one other guy (or gal) have to install this sucker and in front of millions of people online. (This is going to go viral on YouTube, right?)

No pressure. (Hah. Just a little plumber humor for ya to lighten the mood.)

Waterpik rainfall shower head

The instructions look simple enough, so I grabbed my tools, gave my camera to my lovely wife Allison and proceeded to install the shower head. Here’s hoping I don’t embarrass myself. Too much.

And there you have it. I successfully installed the Waterpik RainFall+ Rain shower head in under 4 minutes! It probably was under 3 minutes if you don’t count all the talking and explaining I did.

Looks like a great shower head and considering our normal water pressure is “eh,” this looks to be a real big improvement. Plus I just love the huge shower head which gives you a larger spray overall.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not get one of these Waterpik Rainfall shower heads for her and even better, install it yourself. Chances are, you’ll do a better job of giving her a “homemade” gift than that macaroni art you gave her years ago.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Waterpik. The opinions and text are all mine.