A Roaring Review of How to Train Your Dragon 2


If my wife cries three times during a movie, there’s a pretty solid chance it’s a good one. That goes double for cartoons. Yeah, we finally got to sit down last night and watch How to Train Your Dragon 2! Allie and I loved the first one and couldn’t wait to see the sequel. For some reason, we all missed the chance in theaters when it came out, so we’ve been drooling at the mouth …

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And you thought house training your puppy was rough… Yeah, I can only imagine training your own dragon. Just think about how many ginormous bags of Dragon Chow you’d need to buy! And do they use Dragon Litter to, uh, do their business? Definitely something I’m not itching to find out. I love the first How to Train Your Dragon movie and absolutely cannot wait for the sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, to …

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 Free Coloring and Activity Pages

Dragons have always gotten a bad rap. Maybe it’s all the fire breathing, village destroying and people eating they do. Yeah, could be. But not all dragons are bad, as we learned in DreamWork’s amazing animated film How to Train Your Dragon. Such a great film that my whole family enjoyed and watched multiple times. And yes, Allie cries at the end every single time. We didn’t catch the sequel in theaters earlier this year, …

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