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If my wife cries three times during a movie, there’s a pretty solid chance it’s a good one. That goes double for cartoons.

Yeah, we finally got to sit down last night and watch How to Train Your Dragon 2! Allie and I loved the first one and couldn’t wait to see the sequel. For some reason, we all missed the chance in theaters when it came out, so we’ve been drooling at the mouth ever since I heard that I’d be getting a review copy as part of the #FHEInsiders team!

Well, it did just arrive and it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed! We took a long 2-hour hike in the cold November air yesterday with the boys and were so worn out when we got home, we just collapsed on the couch and popped the Blu-ray disc in the player.

Most cartoon sequels are kind of eh. They’re generally a rehash of the original or just subpar animation cranked out to make a quick buck. That’s so not how I felt after watching How to Train your Dragon 2. Kind of the opposite in fact.

The animation was gorgeous. It blows my mind how far animation has come. In particular it’s amazing the level of detail they get with the dragons’ scales, water and human hair. Those are the elements that always jump out at me as just unreal.


What I really loved about this one though is that it was a real unique story with loads of unexpected twists and turns (don’t worry, no spoilers here!), but it also really fleshed out the personalities of our star Hiccup and his adorable, puppy-like dragon Toothless.

The main story involves Hiccups dad (The leader of Berk, Stoic) wanting to see his son step up and help lead the entire town. The young, non-violent, dragon-loving Hiccup obviously has plans of his own that don’t involve becoming chief of his village. Things get real heated when a dragon war is on the brink, courtesy of a ruthless viking named Drago.

If you loved the first movie, you’ll certainly love this one. And like me, you’ll probably scream for even more. The dragons show off plenty of new abilities, as well as the introduction of the Dragon Races, which reminds me a bit of the Pod Races from Star Wars and the Quidditch matches from Harry Potter. It’s a ton of speedy fun for everyone… well, everyone except the poor sheep.

The Blu-ray edition features all sorts of goodies too, including deleted scenes and a full 26-minute episode of Dragons: Dawn of the Dragon Racers, featuring the original voice cast from the movie!

Blu-ray Special Features:

Fishleg’s Dragon Stats – How much do you know about your favorite dragons? Explore the Dragon 2 Guide and learn more about your favorite fire-breathing friends!

Drago’s War Machines – Gobber the Belch narrates this inside look at the fierce creatures and “high-tech” weapons used by Drago to expand his growing dragon army.

Berk’s Dragon World – Explore the massive stable created to house the dragons of Berk, along with other changes made on the island to promote harmonious living.

Hiccup’s Inventions in Flight – Learn the secrets of how Hiccup and Toothless work together to form the ultimate high-flying team in this fascinating interactive tour.

Deleted Scenes — The awesome adventure continues with telling deleted and extended scenes, including action-packed footage you couldn’t see in theaters!

Commentary by Simon Otto, Bonnie Arnold, Dean DeBlois, and Pierre-Olivier Vincent

Where No One Goes: The Making of How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Writer-Director Dean DeBlois and his team take you behind the scenes of creating the film’s eye-popping visual effects and epic story

Dragon Races – Catch the thrilling aerial action and exciting play-by-play commentary as you cheer on your favorite riders in a spectacular dragon race!

I give How to Train Your Dragons 2 a big thumbs up! Or make that 2 claws up!

Allie and Ryan agree, and Jason gave no comment. I know he liked it but he’s just grumpy about all the Dragon movies since they’re very different than the books.

After seeing and loving these two films, though, I’m actually interested in reading the books myself.  I’d simply view them as just a different outlet for the same wonderful world.


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38 thoughts on “A Roaring Review of How to Train Your Dragon 2”

  1. I have no idea how I haven’t seen this yet! We all love the first movie.Think I might have to snag this for my son for Christmas!

  2. The first How to Train Your Dragon was one of my favorite animated movies so I’m super excited to see the second one. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m happy to know that it sounds as good as the first!

  3. This looks adorable. I’ve never seen either, but my husband took our daughter to see the first one. She liked it a lot.

  4. Thank you for the review. I love to read reviews about movies I am contemplating on buying for the grandkids and this is one movie I would now love to buy for them for Christmas.

  5. We saw this last summer and I was really impressed. I thought that the animation was excellent and the story had something for adults as well as kids. I really hope that they make a 3rd movie.

  6. This movie really suprised me, I am not a huge fan of sequels that probably don’t have to be there. THis was a good one though, similar to Kung Fu Panda 2, it made me laugh, it made me worry and the animation was wonderful.

  7. I really enjoyed the first movie and am glad to hear they didn’t short change the sequel. I’m looking forward to watching it with my niece and nephew over this holiday weekend. Thanks for the activity pages, I’m sure they’ll enjoy them and we can turn the afternoon into a mini party.

  8. I watch the first movie with my little brother on his birthday and thought it was great. The second one was even better although I did not like a few parts near the end of the movie.

  9. I took my grandson to see this and he loved it so much! It is such a great fun movie not only for kids but for adults too! and how can you not love Toothless! ty for the great review!

  10. I saw this last summer with my kids and was literally riveted the entire time. It really had something for everyone and while everyone I know talks endlessly about how amazing Frozen was, I actually think this one was much better.

  11. We loved watching the first How To Train Your Dragon and had a real laugh so we can’t wait for How to Train Your Dragon 2

  12. My boys are always telling me that they want to see this movie by the sounds of your review I know why now. Looks like a movie we will have to get. Thanks for the review.

  13. Never seen the first one. Might watch it on Netflix with my son to see if he likes it. If so, I will check this one out! Thanks!

  14. Our family loved the first movie. We haven’t seen the second one yet but I’m thinking the dvd would be a nice stocking stuffer to add to our family movie collection.

  15. WOW! You sure wrote a great review of this movie. My son and sister and I love this movie and it has a good story with so much wonderful animation.This is a must DVD to get.

  16. I haven’t seen this one but the kids have. I didn’t realize there are books also. My daughter is always looking for something new to read. I may have to find these for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  17. That’s awesome to hear! I really loved watching the first movie with my family; it was one of the only animated movies we’ve been proud to see lately instead of embarrassed! So if this sequel is as satisfying as Toy Story 3 was, it’ll definitely be worth watching in theaters.

  18. Good review. I have seen part one and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely going to get part 2 on DVD. I’m glad you and your family enjoyed it!

  19. We have not yet seen this one. We liked the 1st one. If your giving it a 2 claws up then it must be pretty good. Thank you for the coloring and activity pages. Nice review.


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