Taking Active Steps for Early Detection




Breast cancer is a disease that affects many women of all ages. Although the majority of the population is aware of the significance of breast cancer, many women overlook the fact that every year the rate of breast cancer reports in the U.S. has increased. Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, and more people die of breast cancer than any other form of cancer. It is a disease that is curable if detected early.

It is important for women to regularly check for the symptoms and take active steps to get the proper testing done to determine whether the early signs of breast cancer exists. Doctors recommend that women as early as their twenties and beyond perform breast self-exams periodically. The symptoms may appear differently for every woman, however, if you notice any signs of irregular lumps, swelling, pain, redness or changes in shape, notify your doctor to schedule a more comprehensive breast examination.

Sometimes, these symptoms may be indications of a less invasive condition. However, it is always important to discuss these symptoms with your doctor. For women age 40 and over, doctors often recommend yearly mammograms. For women in their 20s and 30s, doctors perform annual clinical breast exams.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives as opposed to late detection. For this reason among other considerations, many national organizations and charities, such as the Breast Cancer Society, create awareness programs and facilitate cancer research to help promote the potential for an increased number of survivors of the disease every year. Because of breast cancer awareness programs, millions of women successfully undergo cancer treatments and experience full recovery.

Every dollar that is donated to these organizations help to fight against breast cancer and support the search for a cure. You can support the cause and help spread awareness with the online accessibility of breast cancer donate links. Simply click on the donate icon and submit a donation online. There are also options to submit a check or money order in the mail to your preferred breast cancer charity or donate tangible items, such as vehicles or real estate.

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  1. Early Detection and mammograms are the key to help fight this disease. It is so important that we make sure to do our monthly exams because this also works in helping fight breast cancer.

  2. The organization where I work will put an extra $50 in your paycheck if go for a mammogram each year! I sure hope it’s an incentive to get checked.

  3. Thanks for this informative post. Yearly mammogram exams are important. Thanks to organizations like the Breast Cancer Society for raising awareness also.


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