You Don’t Need to be a Genius to Love Mr. Peabody & Sherman

I’m normally not a fan of Hollywood giving classic cartoons an upgrade. Generally they’re turned into some live-action comedic attempt that fails epically. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Yogi Bear. But sometimes, a studio gets it right. I just watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman with the family this weekend and my super short review is that I absolutely loved it! Jason and Ryan had seen it in theaters, so I already knew they’d enjoy it. …

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Free Mr. Peabody & Sherman Coloring and Activity Pages

If only every History classroom had a WABAC Machine, and a teacher like Mr. Peabody. Nobody could ever claim that History class was boring again! This week, the Mr. Peabody & Sherman Blu-ray and DVD hits store shelves and I couldn’t be more excited. Of course, if I had my own WABAC Machine, I could just travel forward in time, grab the DVD and come back to now to watch it. In the meantime, you can print out a …

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Win Mr. Peabody & Sherman on Blu-ray/DVD (Ends 10/27)


I remember the original Mr. Peabody cartoons from when I was a kid. I used to love The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, especially when the super smart, glasses-wearing (oh, and talking!) dog Mr. Peabody took center stage. Honestly, next to biology, history was my least favorite subject. Still is. But somehow when Mr. Peabody started walking me through classic battles of yesteryear (with his doe-eyed “boy” Sherman by his side), it all became super fascinating. …

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