You Don’t Need to be a Genius to Love Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Peabody and Sherman
Why are geniuses always so serious?

I’m normally not a fan of Hollywood giving classic cartoons an upgrade. Generally they’re turned into some live-action comedic attempt that fails epically. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Yogi Bear.

But sometimes, a studio gets it right. I just watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman with the family this weekend and my super short review is that I absolutely loved it!


Jason and Ryan had seen it in theaters, so I already knew they’d enjoy it. I’m a big fan of Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, and he does a wonderful job of breathing new cartoon life into the world’s smartest dog, Mr. Peabody.

Whether you’re a fan of the original 1960’s cartoon “The Bullwinkle Show” or brand new to the whole “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” thing, the film does an excellent job of sticking to its roots while explaining the whole setup as well. In short, Mr. Peabody’s a genius of a dog who graduated with top honors, is a huge success in business and eventually… adopts a boy named Sherman.

To help teach Sherman about history, Mr. Peabody does what every loving father would do… he builds a time machine. Traveling back to key historic events (like George Washington’s non-cherry tree chopping days), Mr. Peabody really gives Sherman a worldly view of things.


In terms of the new movie, Sherman’s world history gets him in a bit of hot water at school with his teacher and classmates, which ultimately leads to loads of time traveling adventures, culminating in time continuum chaos!

Peabody’s a fast-talking, sharp-witted character and if you’re not careful you’ll easily miss a slew of hilarious puns. Sherman’s the bright-eyed, glasses-wearing kid who pretty much is the poster child for innocence. A sweet kid who just wants to have fun and make the world a better place.

There’s a lot of history mixed in on the adventures including Marie Antoinette (anyone up for cake?), Leonardo da Vinci (the secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile!) and the trojan war! If ever the words “fun” and “educational” were mixed properly, it’s in this film.

Oh, and yes, there’s always all sorts of paradoxes and confusion when time travel’s involved. And you better believe it all piles up into one explosive ending. But besides all the humor, history and action, there’s also a number of wonderful messages in here that all work together to create an incredibly sweet film.

While Mr. Peabody and Sherman ends nice and clean, they most certainly can crank out a few more fun sequels. I for one, hope they do. I guess only time will tell.


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21 thoughts on “You Don’t Need to be a Genius to Love Mr. Peabody & Sherman”

  1. my youngest and I just watched this and I have to say we LOVED it! She loves history so seeing a comic twist on explaining historical events made her break out into fits of laughter! I do hope they make another one, would be great to see what travels they experience!

  2. I was not aware there was an original cartoon. However, I watched this on demand and it was great! Very interesting plot with familiar voice actors and actresses. Love the glasses and bow tie on you guys!

  3. I won a giveaway for Mr. Peabody and Sherman and have the cool glasses that came with it. You look great in these glasses! I sure liked this movie and so did my niece and nephew!

  4. I remember watching this cartoon as a kid and would love to see this movie . I would love my grandkids to see it as well. I think it would be a fun movie for them.

  5. We have not yet seen this movie, but I am interested in watching it with my kids. I did love The Bullwinkle Show, who didn’t right? Haha, nice glasses!

  6. i did love rocky and bullwinkle so i will probably like this my kids want to see it as well and it just came on demand so we may have to have a movie night this weekend

  7. I remember the cartoon when I was younger. I’m looking forward to seeing this with the kids.. and yeah, love the glasses and tie, great look! 🙂


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