Thanks, Netgear! Now I’ve Got My Own Personal, Portable Cloud

Do you ever stop and wonder, “Who owns the Internet?” Like, really. Someone pays a hosting company, who must pay someone else for access to the Web, and so on. But who’s at the very top? And for that matter, what exactly is “The Cloud”? It’s a virtual warehouse for storage really. But again, where is it? And don’t clouds eventually dissipate and go away for good? I honestly don’t know the answer to any …

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Spread the Internet Love at Home with a Netgear Nighthawk x4 WiFi Router

WiFi Router R7500

Kids today. With their iPhones. Nintendo 3DS units. YouTube. I tell ya, it’s a technological paradise. Why, I still remember the “Good Ol’ Days” where we literally had to use a dial-up modem to connect to a BBS, just so we can hang out in a chat room and talk about how amazingly cool this “online” thing is. And who could ever forget the melodic pitch of the modem finally making its connection. Yeah, I’m …

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