Building Fabulous Memories with Photo Books

Know what I miss? Sitting around with friends and family on the couch, flipping through a photo album. Y’know, the kind where you carefully place two or three photos on a page and then slide the plastic covering over it to keep them all in place. Except, over time, the pages yellow. The photos slide around. Pages rip out. Actually, scratch that, I don’t miss the photo albums, I miss the memories of looking at …

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SocialCafe’s Talking Photos App Brings Sharing to a Whole New Level


My dad sends out a lot of photos via email. Especially old ones he finds in his collection of family slides or photo albums. He’s very slowly working his way through them all, scanning them in a few at a time and emailing them out to everyone. It’s a riot to see some old shots of my sister and I as kids. The only downside is, we can’t remember where we were in a lot …

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