It IS Easy Being Green When You’ve Got Some Great St. Patrick’s Day Gifts

Lismore Essence Double Old Fashioned, Engraved 4-Leaf Clover

The other morning I stopped in McDonald’s for a coffee and saw a sign that I know will make loads of people happy. Yep, the Shamrock Shake is coming back. The unofficial arbiter of St. Patrick’s Day has arrived! Now despite the fact that I have a son name Ryan Logan, it may surprise you to learn that I am not actually Irish. Nope, not one bit. My wife does love Lucky Charms cereal, though, …

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Spread the Love (and Class) this Valentine’s Day, Plus Win a $275 Waterford Crystal Rose Bowl (ends 2/17)

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the biggest thing on everyone’s minds has to be flowers. Men start thinking about buying them and women start thinking bout getting ’em. Of course, there are a few other romantic permutations to toss in there. I generally don’t buy flowers for my wife. It’s not that I’m cheap (no, really!) or unloving or anything. I just have pretty bad allergies, so every time I buy Allie flowers, she …

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Win a Set of 4 Waterford Stemless Wine Glasses valued at $240 (Ends 1/6)

I’m not a heavy drinker. I doubt that comes as a surprise to anyone. I never touched the stuff in high school and only really got into it in college like a good freshman should. And even then, it wasn’t like I was out partying all the time. I’m probably the opposite of a beer snob. I’m quite content downing a Bud Light. As for cocktails, I’m a big fan of scotch… but only if …

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