The X-Men Apocalypse Earth-Shattering Giveaway ($70 value)

Nobody, but nobody does giant belt buckles better than supervillains. King of them all? Yeah, that’d be the X-Men’s foe Apocalypse. In the comics and cartoons, this mega-powerful, evolutionary-based baddie always looked mega cool and proudly brandished a ginormous “A” belt buckle everywhere he went. Seriously, how can you not be distracted by that? The battle’s lost before it’s even begun. Well, he may’ve gotten some fashion advice from Hollywood, because FOX’s latest X-Men movie …

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Family Movie Night: The Wolverine

The Wolverine DVD action figures

I have some bad news for you guys. Sadly, we didn’t have Friday Night Family Movie Night this week. Nope. Instead, we had Saturday Night Family Movie Night! (Oh, I’m just so witty, aren’t I?) This week we got to watch 20th Century Fox’s The Wolverine! We never saw this one in theaters, so I was pumped when I was sent a Blu-ray copy of the film to review! Jason couldn’t wait either and Ryan …

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