Vitamin Angels and Walgreens Offer 100 Million Reasons to Take Your Vitamins

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It is so easy to take things for granted. Sure everybody’s got problems of varying degrees, but some of the most crucial things in our daily lives are things we easily take for granted.

Clean water. A roof over our heads. Heck, even just taking daily vitamins to help keep our bodies going.

I’ve been taking multi-vitamins since I was a kid and never really give it a second thought. Nowadays, I pop loads of different vitamins daily for various reasons. But I never stop to think that there are millions of people, children especially, throughout this world, who don’t have that option.

That’s why I’m proud to be part of this campaign to help raise awareness for Vitamin Angels! This wonderful non-profit organization helps give free vitamins to mothers and children all around the world who are suffering from undernutrition. That at-risk group mainly hits home for pregnant women, new moms and children under 5 years old.

Last year alone, Vitamin Angels reached some 40 million children in 45 different countries. And in 2015, they are distributing 300 million vitamins to those in need!

So how can you help?

That’s easy. Just take your vitamins!

Right now, for every purchase of Centrum Vitamins at Walgreens, they will donate 1% of the proceeds to Vitamin Angels.

Walgreens Vitamins Aisle

I visited my local Walgreens (which is only a hop, skip and a jump from my house!) and quickly found the vitamins aisle.

Centrum vitamins at Walgreens

Didn’t take me long at all to find a load of Centrum vitamins to pick up. I’ve never tried the gummy type (didn’t even know they made those!), so I grabbed a bottle, knowing that every time I bite into a gummy, I’m helping a mom or child around the world!

Like most kids I know, my boys are a bit finicky when it comes to eating. But when I take a step back and look at the alternative, children with undernutrition, it makes me really take stock of things.

Vitamin Angels

I’ve got a home, a job, and an amazing family. The biggest challenges my kids might face regularly are a laggy computer that slows down their latest Minecraft video. It’s really tough to imagine if you’re not in that position, but if I couldn’t even provide basic nutrients to my kids every morning, that would be such a daily struggle. Not just physically, of course, but mentally and emotionally.

As parents, keeping our kids safe and secure so they can grow up to be amazing adults is #1 job. But yes, it’s so easy to get lost in the shuffle of every day “battles” like telling them to clean their room, do their homework and stop watching so much TV. It’s incredibly easy to overlook the simple things in life and take something like health for granted.


Walgreens and Vitamin Angels are looking to help 100 million children and mothers worldwide. I just hope this simple post reaches a few of you, who then pass it on to others, and so on. The fact that you can make such a huge difference in someone else’s life just by doing what you already do (you do take vitamins daily, don’t you?) can go an incredibly long way.

As even more incentive to head out to Walgreens now, when you spend $30 or more on eligible Centrum products, you’ll receive 10,000 Balance Reward points! Help yourself, help someone else and help your wallet all at the same time!

Help change lives today!


Do your kids take vitamins?

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  1. Please, I need to know if this antioxidant vitamin is to end cancer and how to take it, I beg you, tell me, it is extremely urgent, thank you very much for the attention given.
    Thank you

  2. These tips are very useful, thanks. I’ve always taken my daily D3 and K2 with calcium (and magnesium and zinc), because I’ve heard umpteen times that they all work in sync. And many supplements include D3 with calcium, though I prefer to buy my D3 separately since that ensures I get much higher doses of D3.

  3. That is a simply awesome program! I wasn’t aware of it. I love being able to contribute by doing the same things I do normally – taking a vitamin. I will be stopping by to check out the vitamin options for my family.


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