Maytag and MLB Want to See Your Filthiest Plays of the Week

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I played Little League as a kid and certainly did my fair share of sliding. Looking back now, I bet my poor mom was doing laundry just about every single day solely for my dirt-covered pants!

Jason and Ryan both played Little League briefly. It was great seeing them out there all decked out in their uniforms even if they never got too dirty. (I think they quit playing before they really started learning how to slide.)

Ryan at the plate

My boys don’t really play any sports these days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to get dirty. They are boys after all.

We do go on a lot of family hikes when we can, though. And depending upon the weather, that can result in some seriously muddy family members. I recall hiking at a nearby State Park in NJ once with Jason failing to cross a stream properly and getting his shoes, socks and pants completely soaked.

There’s always the time a shoe gets stuck in the mud. Of course, the kids keep walking, and end up putting their sock-covered feet right down in the mud too.

How else do my kids get messy this summer? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Building sandcastles at the beach
  • Making mud pies
  • Food fights in the backyard
  • Painting anything
  • Water balloon fights
  • Chalk drawings on the driveway
  • Cooking dinner
  • Eating ice cream on a hot summer day

So how do you deal with a filthy family? Sure, you first wash their mouth out with soap. Oh, sorry, wrong kind of filthy!

Well, if you’re like us, you make sure the kids (and sometimes adults) take off their shoes and socks right when they come in the house. Then you carefully toss all their clothes into the wash while they run upstairs to take a shower. It’s definitely important to have a modern washer and dryer that can keep up with today’s messes.


If you haven’t seen the latest Maytag Top Load Washer and Dryer, the pair is certainly worth a look! These machines have been designed to handle just about any filthy mess, including some big league stains.

Maytag laundry is the official sponsor of MLB, so you know they can get out some serious stains on those formerly pristine white uniforms! It’s all thanks to a dependable PowerWash system!

What I really love about Maytag is that they like to play dirty. In a good way, I mean!

Maytag’s currently running a Filthiest Plays of the Week contest where you can win loads of great weekly prizes and a killer Grand Prize: a trip to the World Series plus a Maytag Top Load Washer and Dryer pair! To enter, you just need to upload a picture or video of your kid’s “filthy play” on Twitter or Instagram and use the #MyFilthiestPlay hashtag. Check out the official rules for full details.

How do your kids get their dirtiest?


Maytag laundry

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  1. The title of this post caught my eye! I always joke with my husband about how MLB players who wear white pants that their wives must just hate doing their laundry. I know the wives really don’t do it – but it’s my “baseball” joke for him.


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