When Mommy’s Away, the Avengers Shall Play!

Ryan and his trusty Thor hammer

My wife works nights a few times a week. So those are the days I come home a little early from work (“early” meaning 6 or 6:30), to watch the kids, give them dinner, and get them ready for bed. I can’t tell you how incredibly difficult it is taking care of two boys all by yourself. It’s exhausting both mentally and physically. Having to slave over a hot stove for hours while kids are clawing at your feet and begging for…

Okay. Okay. Fine. So my wife has both their dinner and mine completely ready by the time I get home. The kids pretty much get themselves ready for bed, with just minor help from me on their teeth. Heck, I rarely even read them a bedtime story anymore, since they both just like to read by themselves. So, fine. It’s easy, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? Fine. But regardless, after eating dinner tonight, we needed some guy bonding time. And that’s where daddy can really shine!

Ryan grabbed his Thor hammer and screamed, “Let’s play Avengers!”

So I grabbed his trusty Captain America shield, and Jason grabbed Hawkeye’s purple crossbow and we set out to take down Loki and his evil clones!

Avengers crowsbow Nerf
The Avengers have some new team uniforms…


Hawkeye's gunning after his man
“I think I saw Loki run this way!”


Thor calls down the power of the Gods
Kitchen, we would have words with thee!
Ryan wants Loki's Head
“Avengers, Assemble! And somebody bring me a bowl of mac and cheese.”

In the end, we soundly defeated Loki, headed upstairs, and watched some of the Olympics. Women’s Beach Volleyball was on TV between the USA and China. Some seriously exciting volleys back and forth. But Ryan was solely fascinated by the fact that they were wearing bikinis. He still has no clue why they’re wearing them, but has since re-dubbed the sport “Bikini Ball.”

Do your kids have any special role playing games they play with dad?

8 thoughts on “When Mommy’s Away, the Avengers Shall Play!”

  1. These are the things I love about having a boy! My son and I play Batman, Superman, and fireman 🙂 Although I have to draw the line when my 3-year-old “Superman” decides he can “fly” from the couch – Mom ruins everything 🙂

    • Hey, Natasha! Funny. So you’re a DC House, I see. 🙂 And yeah, mom ruins everything. Playing Superman is a right of passage for all kids!!!

      • Nah we love both! The Geekling just has been given more Superman and Batman things in the 3 years he has been on the earth LOL! We do love Spiderman- Xmen- Avengers – Iron Man- Thor….ect ect ect 🙂 We are also a Chaos household – but the Geekling doesn’t need to see any of that yet 🙂

        • Hah. Okay, fair enough. And yeah, probably a bit too young for Lady Death. 🙂 Did you know that Brian Pulido’s a huge Captain America fan too?

          • I used to talk with him all the time when I worked as an editor for Wizard magazine. I really never cared for Lady Death, but we both loved Captain America, so we’d hang out at the cons, just rapping about Cap! Brian’s actually a seriously nice guy.

  2. So awesome!! Sadly, my 5-year-old daughter takes over the playtime for me and my two sons… No Avengers for us. Instead we usually have dance competitions. And heaven help me and the boys if she doesn’t end up with the highest points total at the end. In a way, she’s kind of like Loki, except me and the other Avengers always lose.

    • That is too damn funny. And I know it’s 100% true too. Hah! Sounds like your daughter is more like The Enchantress, taking control of your minds and making you dance. Maybe you need to call in some reserve Avengers.

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