5 Things You Would Learn About Me if You Walked Through My House

Trisha over at MomDot.com wrote a really fun post today where she showed off five photos from her house, that each teach you something about her. She challenged everyone to join in on the fun. This is what we in the blogosphere refer to as a “blog carnival.” (Don’t worry, I was wondering where the elephants and Ferris wheels were too.) Anyways, here’s my attempt!

1) Superhero Showdown

The kids’ playroom is chock full of bins (my wife just LOVES bins), most of which have various characters (superheroes, Star Wars, Imaginext). My wife used to be a tyrant with the bins and put on her drill sergeant uniform, barking orders at everyone to clean up and put the correct toys in the correct bins. 

 Toys and more toys


2) Simply Marvel-ous

This the dresser in Jason’s room. You can see the Nintendo posters on the wall, a bunch of Marvel superhero comics from the library, and a stack of Marvel Universe trade paperbacks that were mine from my childhood. I recently found those and thought he’d love the superhero reference books, which he did. You can also make out a tiny Captain America shield, SpongeBob and Ben 10 wall stickers, and yes, that yellow dresser was my wife’s from when she was a little girl! Shhh, don’t tell Jason! (Getting the kids new furniture is definitely tops on our list.)

Super Hero books

3) No Thanks, I’m Stuffed

And this is Ryan’s dresser. He is a stuffed animal hoarder. He loves them ALL and every time he gets a new one, he runs up to his room and finds a spot for it in this mess. He plays with these all the time, but rarely sleeps with any. Jason, on the other hand, rarely plays with his, but always sleeps with a bunch. Notice the white dresser, which belonged to my wife’s sister when she was a kid. 


Tons of plush toys


4) Puffin Stuff

My wife is a huge animal lover, particularly birds. And her favoritest bird of all is the puffin. She’s more than put up with my video game/comic book shenanigans, so the least I can do is giver her a small Puffin corner to display her various puffin collectibles. There’s a couple of statues, a puffin plate (which is awesome for serving sushi on), and that photo is a family photo being chased by dinosaurs from the Museum of Natural History in NYC.

Statues of Birds


5) Super Office

And we end our tour in my home office. That’s the bookcases containing all my comic book trade paperbacks (I got rid of probably twice as many on ebay over the years). You can also make out my Essential Calvin & Hobbes slipcase edition, a Super Grover action figure, Marvel statues, and yes, a Watchmen tin lunchbox.

Super bookcase of statues

Hope you enjoyed this tour! I’d love to hear what’s in your home, or better yet, hop on board the carnival and share your link below!


45 thoughts on “5 Things You Would Learn About Me if You Walked Through My House”

  1. give me a buzz when you want to get rid of some of your books LOL I’m tempted to do the same walk-through but my house is a sight for sore eyes!

    • Hey, Sandy! Sure thing! Right now they’re mostly comic book graphic novels though. Pretty much dumped all my regular novels and read digital versions on the Kindle nowadays.

    • Yeah my kids are way crazy into Mario. Not as much as they used to but they still love the guy and buy every game they can that he’s in.

    • Thanks, Melissa. My desk is usually loads more fun. I used to have oodles of toys on top of it. Now I’ve moved most to the tiny bookcase in my office. And bins were made for Legos!

      • More Star Wars, Disney and cartoons – I didnt choose much Superhero stuff for whatever reason….guess those arent my exciting areas in my home…. I didnt even notice until after LOL!

  2. Love all the comic book memorabilia! So fun that you passed on your own comics to your kids. My dad gave me one of his childhood DC comics when I was a kid and it’s still one of the favorites in my comic collection.

    • Um, hello? You can’t mention a specific issue and not tell me what it is. And you HAVE a comic collection? That’s awesome that so many women seem to be into comics! I so need to show this to my wife…

  3. I really like the office bookcase – my collection was lost in a move many years ago, but I still have great memories of sitting in a pile on the living room floor with the recent issue of Wizard and dreaming of making millions lol

    • You were a comic geek too? Okay, you just earned some extra cool points. And you mentioned Wizard too? You do know I was an editor there for about 7 years or so, right?

  4. My pics would be a laundry basket filled with folded laundry I haven’t put away, WWE explosion that has occurred in my younger 2 boys rooms, the Barbie explosion in my daughters room, xbox crap in the older two boys room and the last….candles. I have candles everywhere in my house. Love the post idea 🙂

    • We used to have TONS of candles everywhere. Before the kids, that’s all I think you could see anywhere. My wife just loves ’em, and even took courses on how to make them herself. In college she actually made me a great candle in the shape of Captain America’s shield.

  5. i have a serious ban on stuffed animals in this house. I would gather them all and toss them. The cats seem to think they double as outhouses.


    • Ewwww. Further proof that cats are nothing but pure evil! Years ago, I shared a house with a bunch of guys (was actually cheaper than renting an apt, and way bigger), and one of them had 3 kits. The most evil used to go in my closet, sit in my laundry basket and pee.

  6. Calvin & Hobbes was my favorite when I was growing up. As a matter of fact, I had a cat named Hobbes and later another named Calvin. Thanks for showing us around!

    • We keep meaning to buy them new furniture but they’re not complaining and our money tree hasn’t started growing yet. 🙂

  7. My son used to collect comic books. I don’t know what he did with them or if he even still has them (he’s 40). My daughter used to have a hoard of stuffed animals too. She didn’t sleep with them but never wanted to get rid of them. She left them at my house when she moved out, and I evenutally tossed them. And I love that your sons are using those girly dressers and aren’t complaining about them. Yet.

    • Hah. Yeah they couldn’t care less about the dressers actually. If we told them twher ethey were from, they’d probably care though!

  8. I love that other people are collecting things too, it makes me feel better 🙂 Super Grover is awesome and I have never known anyone that collects Puffin stuff, that is very cool! Bins are good, very very good!

    • Thanks, Henrietta. I wish I had time to go downstairs and shoot pics of our kitchen. We wanted a country kitchen feel, so there’s chickens all over the place (pictures, wallpaper, tiles, etc.)

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