You Can’t Have a Winter Soldier Party Without an Edible Chess Birthday Cake

Jason turns 11 (eep!) next month but thanks to crazy conflicts, we had his birthday party last weekend. This year, we took him and his friends to the movies, followed by a sleepover. Or, as you’d expect, a non-sleepover.

Clearly Marvel is a big fan of my son, since every year around his birthday, there’s always a huge release. Last year was Iron Man 3 and this year it’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

We started with dinner at the food court. We brought in pizza from Suffern’s Fieldhouse (soooo good) and of course, Allie made sure to bring the proper paper goods.

Winter Soldier birthday #CaptainAmericaEvent

And since I managed to cut off Ryan’s head in the above pic, here’s a follow-up of the Birthday Boy’s little brother.

Captain America party #CaptainAmericaEvent

Pizza #CaptainAmericaEvent
I only had 3 slices, while one of Jason’s friends snarfed down 4!

After eating, we raced up to the AMC Movie Theater for an 8 pm showing of Captain America: The Winter Soldier! We, of course, were a little early so while Allie waited on line, the kids wreaked havoc in the arcade area.

Batman arcade game

Ryan motorcycle
Jason arcade dance
Yeah, hes not even full of sugar yet.

Finally, the movie started (after a zillion trailers, of course!) and the boys were riveted. I’m just glad I saw the movie already or I would’ve been too distracted “shushing” the kids to really follow properly. They all absolutely loved the film and couldn’t wait to re-enact their favorite scenes. Of course, we were on the fourth floor and had to take the elevator down, so all the kids started acing out the intense Elevator Scene!

The party continued at our house, as we got in around 10:45 p.m. or so. Perfect time for cake, right? Oy. Yep, we then plied this kids with a few hundred pounds of sugar just for fun.

This year, Allie continued to outdo herself. For Jason’s cake she made a playable and 100% edible Chess Birthday Cake!

Edible Chess Set
The empty board. Each square is an individual piece of chocolate.

We set the pieces in place before calling Jason and his friends in for cake.

Chess Birthday Cake
A fully playable and edible Chess Birthday Cake!

With the board set, Jason and his buds came in with a variety of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” and “whoas!”

The Cake Queen herself and the Birthday Boy
The Cake Queen herself and the Birthday Boy

Jason immediately starting playing, as his friends all chimed in with move suggestions. I never knew chess was a fan-participation game. Good thing Allie made extra chocolate pieces for the kids to chomp on.

Chess Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday, Jason!

After fueling them up with an action-packed movie and a sugar-packed cake, we sent the kids to the basement for the night. For the next two hours, these guys ran around non-stop playing “Avengers” with all the superhero gear/toys we have. Eventually they passed out for the night, long after my head hit the pillow.

It was a lot of fun and somehow my gorgeous and talented wife pulled it off. Now I need to start plotting for my birthday cake. Maybe she can make me a playable Atari 2600 cake…

14 thoughts on “You Can’t Have a Winter Soldier Party Without an Edible Chess Birthday Cake”

  1. That’s a really cool cake. I figure, I can’t play chess, may as well just eat it, haha. Sounds like they had a great time. Happy Birthday!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, as it brought back memories of the birthday party/sleepovers we used to have for my sons’ birthdays. Since I am not as talented as your wife, I always had to have my sister-in-law supply the cakes. We did a “trip to the movies with your friends” for one of the parties – my youngest son’s birthday was a bit before the release of the very first Harry Potter movie, and we did a trip to the theater for his party – fortunately school got out early that day, so we were able to see the film midweek, for matinee prices in a fairly empty theater. Boys are exhausting, but lots of fun. I totally grasp all the implications of the “non-sleepover” comment. : )


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