7 Ways to Destroy Those Pesky Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

This will end in fire. Trust me on that one. But before we get to the flames, let’s talk Fidget Spinners!

Yes, fidget spinners. Those pesky, annoying little things that every kid and their brother seems to have these days. Originally created to help kids with ADHD focus in class, they do everything but that these days. If your school’s anything like the one my kids attend, these bad boys have most likely been banned from classrooms. And that’s a shame for the kids who really do need them.

If I were a teacher today and saw 25 kids in my class spinning these little suckers at their desk (sometimes two at once), it’d be the ultimate distraction for sure. But it’s not just in the classroom. You’ll see them everywhere as kids spin and spin and spin.

You can’t shop at any store without bumping into a sign that proudly exclaims, “WE’VE GOT FIDGET SPINNERS!” They’re multiplying like cockroaches. They’re taking over this land. And it’s high time we do something about it.

So I did. I set out on a quest to find the best possible way to destroy a fidget spinner. Much to the dismay of my 11-year-old son Ryan, I ordered a handful of new fidget spinners with the sole intention of completely obliterating each one. I came up with a gauntlet of seven different tests to put these things through. My hope? None of them would survive.

Sadly, not every attempt worked. Surprisingly, some worked far better than others. Join me now as I try my hardest to completely destroy 7 fidget spinners.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I repeat, do not try this at home! I did a number of crazy, insane things to fidget spinners here and I cannot stress enough that you are putting yourself at risk if you attempt any of these yourself. You have been duly warned and I take no responsibility for your actions should you choose to attempt any of these on your own. That said, read on and live vicariously through my shenanigans. 

Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #1: The Car

The first thing to come to mind when wanting to destroy a fidget spinner was a real easy one. “I should totally run one over!” So I did.

Fidget Spinner

I decided to use my wife’s Honda Pilot for the experiment, since it’s bigger and heavier than my car. I chose the bright orange fidget spinner so it’d be easy to see when I try to run it over!

Fidget Spinner

Ryan reluctantly helped me out on this one by carefully placing the orange fidget spinner behind the left rear tire. He then backed away as I got ready to back up and begin my grand experiment. Oooooooh, the anticipation was killing me!

Fidget Spinner

I was clearly not happy at all to be attempting to destroy these fidget spinners as you can plainly see on my face here. But like a trooper, I carried on and backed up over that bad boy. I then put it in drive and went forward over it. And back again. And forward.

I must have driven over that orange fidget spinner a cool dozen times before I stopped  and got it to see the results!

Fidget Spinner

What the?!? Except for a little roughing up of the center piece, the fidget spinner was completely fine. It still worked just as good as new.

Disappointment was the understatement of the day! We tried harder by tossing the thing in the street and I attempted to drive over it super fast. This proved a complete waste of time as well, mainly because I kept missing the thing! But even when I did run over it at a fast speed, it made no difference.

Apparently you can run over your kid’s fidget spinners all you want and it makes zero difference. Not a great start to my experiments at all.

Results: Failure


Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #2: The Baseball Bat

Not happy with the results of the first test, I needed to vent my frustration. Yep, time for some batting practice!

Fidget Spinners

I grabbed my trusty ol’ Louisville Slugger (which actually isn’t a Louisville Slugger but some other crazy aluminum bat) and started self-pitching the light blue fidget spinner.

Fidget Spinners

Besides clearly having Major League form in my swing, I managed to hit a pretty clean single or two. I probably took about five or six swings in total. I’d hit it, see a piece fly off, and then go find the main fidget spinner and repeat.

Fidget Spinners

Yeah, this time, we had some serious success. I knocked out every weight and the entire center piece, not to mention putting a nice crack in the fidget spinner itself.

Fidget Spinners

At this point in my experimentation, we were all tied up. Fidget Spinners: 1, Daddy Blogger: 1.

Results: Success


Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #3: The Freezer

This experiment involves a few steps, so bear with me. I thought back to my childhood when my friend Eddie and I used to play with our Star Wars figures in his basement. He had this big freezer down there and we’d take his Han Solo in Hoth Gear figure, submerge it in water and freeze the poor guy. Han was tougher than you’d think though, and lasted a few freezings before falling apart.

Fidget Spinners

Anyways, no need to go to a galaxy far far away for this test. Instead, just grab yourself a container and some water. I went with a colorful fidget spinner this time and dropped it in the water-filled tub.

Fidget Spinners

Just make sure the water covers the fidget spinner as much as you can. I wanted to really submerge it so I went with a pretty tall container.

Fidget Spinners

Next, stick the experiment in the freezer and wait. Feel free to make room in your freezer by heating up some pizza while you wait!

Fidget Spinners

I let this bad boy sit overnight and then removed it from the container. Instant frozen fidget spinner! Sure, you can say it’s a success at this point since I don’t think anyone can use this fidget spinner in its current state. But we all know that’s only temporary.

Fidget Spinners

So I left the frozen spinner in a bowl for a bit to start defrosting and then pried the item out of the ice. Once I freed the spinner from its frozen coffin, I went outside and merely dropped it on the floor. No bats. No cars. Just gravity. I dropped it a few times on the driveway to see if the frozen pieces would be more susceptible to damage.

Fidget Spinners

And they were! I’m guessing the frozen nature of it all, loosened up the plastic so a sharp jolt would pop those weights out more easily than they normally would.

Fidget Spinners

Just like my poor Han Solo figure of yesteryear, fidget spinners are no match for mother nature’s icy touch. Winter is coming indeed!

Results: Success


Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #4: The Toilet

Kids just love potty humor, don’t they? Heck, us guys never seem to outgrow it either. So I figured why not see how funny it’d be to introduce Mr. Shiny Fidget Spinner to Mr. Toilet!

Fidget Spinners

I was worried for about 10 seconds that this could either be an easy win or end up with a clogged toilet and a flooded bathroom floor. Eh, definitely worth the risk.

Fidget Spinners

We are ready for liftoff!

Fidget Spinners

One quick flush and we’ll see how well this fidget spinner performs after the fact! Though I’m not too sure I’d even want to touch it after this experiment, right?


WOOOOOSH! And just like that, problem solved. That’s two fidget spinners taken down by water in some way!

Results: Success


Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #5: The Hammer

For this next test, I channeled my inner Bob the Builder and dug out my ol’ tool chest. In other words, “It’s Hammer Time!”

Fidget Spinners

There’s just something about a hammer in a guy’s hand that gives us such a feeling of power. I wish I had Thor’s mystical hammer Mjolnir to work with, but instead I’d have to settle for my Craftsman hammer and a green fidget spinner.
Fidget Spinners

Again, I took absolutely zero pleasure in smashing away at this ridiculously annoying object. But for you, my trusty reader, I gave it my all.

Fidget Spinners

And apparently my all was good enough! It knocked out all three weights and really dented in the center.

Fidget Spinners

Take a closer look and you’ll see that even if the weights hadn’t fallen out, it’d be tough to spin since the center piece was pretty mashed up and non-moving.

Results: Success

Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #6: The Roof

Out of all my tests, this one scared my wife the most. Any time I step up on the roof, she expects the worst. Luckily the only thing that came crashing down this time was a rainbow-colored fidget spinner.

Fidget Spinners

I stood proudly on the roof, while both my boys waited on the driveway to pick up the pieces. While I was up there, I even found a frisbee and a few whiffle balls stuck in the gutter. So already I deem this test a success!

Fidget Spinners

I winged the fidget spinner down at the driveway where it’d bounce around a bit. Then Jason chased after it and tossed it back up to me to repeat. I think I did this about three or four times before calling it quits.

Fidget Spinners

Oddly enough, the weights all popped out, but there was nary a scratch on the fidget spinner itself. It’s definitely a win, but I expected a lot more damage here to be honest.

Results: Success


Destroy Fidget Spinners Test #7: Fire

I promised you fire and this daddy blogger never breaks a promise!

Fidget Spinners

Yes indeed, it’s time to see how a fidget spinner fares against the most dangerous of weapons around.

Fidget Spinners

I filled a metal bucket of ours with some paper filings and some small twigs, before placing the purple and white fidget spinner on top. Oh this was going to be good!

Fidget Spinners

Of course, safety is always first! So I was armed with a leaky water hose just in case things got out of hand.

Fidget Spinners

A quick flick of the switch on my lighter and that paper lit up crazy fast! It also started smoking a bit, but the fire really took quickly. I let it burn for a good three to five minutes, adding some more kindling along the way.

Fidget Spinners

Eventually I called it quits and put the fire out with a few long squirts from the hose. The smell wasn’t pretty. And apparently, neither was the fidget spinner…

Fidget Spinners

Yes, that’s all that was left of the fidget spinner! A gross, charred mess of metal filings. This experiment crushed it and my last fidget spinner never stood a chance.

Fidget Spinners

Going into this one, I didn’t think much would happen other than maybe the plastic melting a little. In no way at all did I expect the absolute best results of the day!

Fidget Spinners

This post and the experiment ended in fire for sure. But it’s pretty clear that fire is a fidget spinner’s best enemy. No way it’s coming back from a beating like that one.

Results: Mega Success

Fidget Spinner Destroyed

And there you have it. Out of seven attempts, only one was a complete failure. I didn’t know how many of these destruction experiments would work but I never would have guessed that I’d walk way with six successful ways to destroy fidget spinners.

Now if I can only figure out a way to destroy all those Minecraft YouTube videos…

Do your kids have fidget spinners?


  1. Marti Tabora says

    I do like all the creative ways you tried to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success. I think I may try a few of your methods.

  2. Seyma Shabbir says

    This is such a crazy funny post!! I don’t know about destroying FS but I can tell you we have lost or misplaced a few. They were a pain to find first, everywhere was out!! I love the freezing them one!

  3. says

    You have no idea how much money I have spent on these spinners! I have a small both at our local flea market and I bring my Son. Naturally he found the fidget spinners booth. We have quite the collection I must say!

  4. Dawn says

    This is hilarious!!! I bet that felt amazing destroying those! lol I see them in my house and visits with my teen clients!!! Thank you for making it funny!

  5. Jenna Hudson says

    This is hilarious! Never been a fan of those fidget spinners. They would actually give me more anxiety!

  6. Kayte CookWatts says

    My nephew doesn’t have one of these yet. A bit too young. But I have considered flushing his toy truck that blares loud long siren like beeps when it hits a wall, so I can relate.

  7. Cynthia C says

    I saw on the news yesterday that some of them are self-destructing by catching on fire. Some Chinese-made spinners with lithium batteries in them are going up in flames.

  8. Marti Tabora says

    I do like all the creative ways you attempted to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success. I think I may try a few of your methods.

  9. Kelly mcgrew says

    I was laughing out loud at this post!!! I think you found yourself a new section for your blog; destroying items that annoy the crap out of people!! Next up, Crocs? Things with emojis on them? Cell phone? Kale?? Lol!!!

  10. Liz N says

    Fire looks like the most fun way! I wouldn’t flush ’em cuz I can’t deal with a clogged pipe! Thanks for the tests!

  11. Marti Tabora says

    I do like all the creative ways you attempted to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success. I think I may try some of your methods.

  12. Leesa McClure says

    This was hilarious. 😂😁 I stumped my toe on one my Grandson left on our floor the other night, who knew that little thing almost brought me to my knees in agony. 💕

  13. Marti Tabora says

    I do like all the creative ways you tried to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success. I think I may try some of your methods.

  14. Olivia Guidry says

    thats exactly what what id do. the baseball bat one. and YES if we could get rid of the Minecraft videos! please!

  15. Marti Tabora says

    I really love all the creative ways you tried to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success. I think I may try some of your methods.

  16. Marti Tabora says

    I love all the creative ways you tried to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success. I think I may try some of your methods.

  17. Trasina McGahey says

    Hahahaha you were sure on a mission of destruction!! I recently saw a fidget spinner I would love to have. It was cut out of real pizza. Now THAT would be the one I would volunteer to “dispose” of lol.

  18. Emily R. says

    Very funny post! I just won’t show to my boys because it would freak them out! They do love fidget spinners!

  19. Dana Matthews says

    What a fun post! My girls are collecting these irritating pieces of annoyance. But, like everything else with my kids, if it’s not hurting them, I give in, suck it up and let them have their way!

  20. Kat L says

    My son broke his (simple drops) and I thought we were done with them, as it should be with fads. AND THEN Grandma visited and brought more into the house. My son loved the total destruction of your fire attempt, but I like the catharsis of the baseball bat.

  21. Marti Tabora says

    I love all the creative ways you tried to do them in. I really thought running over one would have been a success.

  22. Meme says

    Love this article. A parents dream to destroy those pesky things. My kids have them and my middle child decided to take it in the shower with him and just forget about it for a couple of weeks. When he remembered it had rusted and didn’t work so in the trash it went. Now they want the fidget cube. Oh will it ever stop.lol

  23. Lynda Cook says

    I loved this post, brought a good laugh, I have one and my 2 year old granddaughter got a hold of it, and in a matter of 5 minutes had it destroyed, I have no idea what she did but she had it all tore apart so make that #8 lol

  24. Marti Tabora says

    this post absolutely made my day. I have no idea why kids are so obsessed with those darn things. They are actually really boring. I know because I tried it. No fun at all.

  25. Stephanie LaPlante says

    You truly are hilarious. I haven’t played with one but I’m curious what my cats would think about them.

  26. Sandy Cain says

    Shame on you! Did you know that every 36 minutes, a fidget spinner somewhere Iperhaps in your own neighborhood!) is being mistreated? Those poor spinners, hurt by their owners, never knowing what they’ve done to deserve such pain. Instead of treating your spinners so inhumanely, PLEASE take them to your nearest shelter. Someone will adopt them into a good home, and give them the love and companionship they deserve! ***** Please note: I have not compensated in any way for this post. It is a PSA for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fidget Spinners.

  27. Dana Rodriguez says

    HAHAHA your posts are always so funny. Good job! I hate those things and I especially love your hammer and fire in a bucket method.. If I had that problem since I live out in the country I think I might glue them on a board or something and use them as target practice.

  28. says

    This is hilarious! My kids don’t have fidget spinners and if they request one they are not getting it, period! If they did have one I would love to destroy it with fire (fire is always the most fun) in a safe manner of coarse. 🙂

  29. says

    I thought I was the only one, Lol. I used to tell people that these are those that are suffering from anxiety and adhd, so if you don’t have it you shouldn’t really get one or it will say something about you. It’s a joke of course. But this was fun! Seeing how you can get rid of it.

  30. ellen beck says

    I see these things everywhere. Was at the Drs office, and this kids had one (why was he there if he wasnt sick?) and thought self ‘ that kid is whizzing his sickness around on that piece of plastic’ I mean really, I dont know if this kid had the plague or common cold and here he is spinning it and smiling.
    Instead of a psychotic break down, I will carry some sort of bucket and kindling or coal and promptly place said spinner in and destroy it. In fact,, the child should get coal and be made to do it himself. Now that would make him fidget.

    Gosh I am a mean old woman. but there really was a kid spinning one of those silly things around.

  31. Dogvills says

    I love this post! I had a good laugh, thanks to you. My kids have a fidget spinner, but they know their limitations in playing with it. I will let my kids see this post for them to be aware that I can, and I will do these if those spinners start to get on my nerves.

  32. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I think I would consider myself fortunate. My children are not interested in those things. I’d share this post with my friends who are about to pull their hair off because of these spinners.

  33. says

    This is absolutely funny and made my day! These spinners are everywhere! And I really don’t like them. I still prefer my movie marathon to release my stress.:)

  34. Rebecca Swenor says

    I actually have seen these everywhere in the stores and had no idea what they did at all. It amazes me that people are loving these things just because they spin. The looks on your face are just hilarious for sure especially when they got destroyed. Thanks for sharing the laughs.

  35. says

    This is great! lol. I refuse to buy our older two kids a fidget spinner. Why? Mainly because I find no use for them, but a big reason is also because I have a 2 year old that could choke on small pieces and a 2 1/2 month old. Not worth the risk.
    Alicia recently posted..Why Drinking Water MattersMy Profile

  36. Neha Saini says

    Hahaha …what I think is if everyone spins their fidget spinners at the same time we could probably end global warming: P Germany has destroyed 35 TONNES of fidget spinners. Don’t worry there will be something else on the fidget spinner issue.

  37. says

    This is hilarious! Glad my kids aren’t into fidget spinners. It’s a miracle those things are everywhere. Our school doesn’t allow them. Thank goodness.

  38. says

    Lol this post made me laugh so much. I can’t believe runnig over it with the car did not work lol if only our phones were that indestructable

  39. Angelic Sinova says

    My mom is a middle school teacher and she has had to take way so many of those fidget spinners from her students because they distract them so much. I personally don’t get the hype around them but boy do I wish I had invited them because they are a huge success right now!

  40. says

    You crack me up! We just bought one for our son and I’m pretty sure he would be heartbroken if we try to break it. I will keep this in mind when you get to the point that I can’t stand it anymore though.

  41. robin rue says

    I am laughing SO hard right now. Each of my boys have 5 or 6 EACH and I hate those things. I need to destroy them!!!

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