7 Ways to Destroy Those Pesky Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

This will end in fire. Trust me on that one. But before we get to the flames, let’s talk Fidget Spinners! Yes, fidget spinners. Those pesky, annoying little things that every kid and their brother seems to have these days. Originally created to help kids with ADHD focus in class, they do everything but that these days. If your school’s anything like the one my kids attend, these bad boys have most likely been banned …

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The Sphero App-Enabled BB-8 is Most Definitely the Droid I’m Looking For

Marbles the Brain Store

Forget Tosche Station. Don’t worry about any power converters. Uh uh. R2 units may’ve been all the rage a few decades ago for sure, but these days the Astromech on everyone’s lips is BB-8. Confused? Well, probably not if you’re a huge Star Wars geek like I am! But if you’re not, it’s okay, I forgive you. Anyways, I’m talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In case you’ve been living in a cave on Tattoine the …

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You Won’t Be Able to Keep Your Eyes Off of the Motorola DROID Turbo Sapphire

#DROIDTurbo #CleverGirls

Ask any blogger what their most precious possession is, and invariably you’ll get the same answer: my cell phone. What’s the second most precious possession for them then? That’d be a battery backup. Yeah, bloggers (myself included) live and die by our cell phone charge. Let’s face it, bloggers take a lot of photos. I mean a LOT of photos. From funny signs to cute puppies to whatever food is sitting on the plate in …

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Spread the Internet Love at Home with a Netgear Nighthawk x4 WiFi Router

WiFi Router R7500

Kids today. With their iPhones. Nintendo 3DS units. YouTube. I tell ya, it’s a technological paradise. Why, I still remember the “Good Ol’ Days” where we literally had to use a dial-up modem to connect to a BBS, just so we can hang out in a chat room and talk about how amazingly cool this “online” thing is. And who could ever forget the melodic pitch of the modem finally making its connection. Yeah, I’m …

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Is the Verizon Wireless Recycle Program a Total Scam?

I’m not happy. Not one bit. And it’s all thanks to Verizon Wireless. I’ve complained about Verizon Wireless before. That was in regards to ridiculous, unnecessary fees. I still stand by that post. But this time, it’s a totally different issue and I feel like I’ve been part of one big phone scam. Let me walk you through what happened… The iPhone 6 went on pre-order and I didn’t bat an eye. Yeah it sounded …

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