I Think I’ve Found the Next Nolan ‘Ryan’

Ryan on the Rays

Last weekend, Ryan played in his second Little League game ever. And I couldn’t be prouder. This is actually his first year playing Little League. He came to Allie and I asking to play, so how could we even think of saying no? Yes, we asked him a zillion times to be sure, informing him […]

My Baseball-Loving 14-Year-Old Nephew Was on Fox 5 News Today!

Matthew Nadel

Proud Uncle time. I’ve written about my 13-year-old nephew Matthew before. (Actually, he turns 14 tomorrow!). Matthew is a baseball trivia maniac. Know who won the 1947 World Series? How about the 1971 one? Honestly, I have no clue. Go Google it if you want. But Matthew, yeah he knows who won the World Series. […]