7 Canine-irific Netflix Shows to Help Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

Woof! Yes, it’s National Dog Day today!

Now while that’s certainly something to bark about, I’m a little sad that we don’t currently own a dog. Not yet at least.

But as someone who grew up with a cute li’l Shih-Tzu named Muffin (Shush. I had no say in naming him! I wanted to go with Gowron!), I am a 100% big dog lover. So to help ease my suffering today, I plan on petting loads of puppies and watching all sorts of dog-filled shows on TV. Luckily, Netflix has my back and is crammed with a litter of pooch programs to entertain all ages.

Since the ratio of human to dog years is 7:1, I put together a list of 7 Netflix shows to help you celebrate National Dog Day!

Air Bud: Spikes Back

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

I’m a sucker for any of the Air Bud movies. Any flick where a dog can outperform me by a mile in sports is a hoot to watch. And coming right off the Summer Olympics with all that beach volleyball action, Air Bud: Spikes Back strikes me as the perfect choice.


Pound Puppies

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

Cartoon dogs are just as cute as real ones. And I remember watching the original Pound Puppies cartoon when I was a kid. (Yes, I even had a stuffed animal of one!) So this newer incarnation looks like it’ll get my tail wagging too.

Russell Madness

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

Seriously? A dog who wrestles? And his coach is a monkey in a little hat? Color me speechless!


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

Based on the Japanese tale, this one’s a real tearjerker of a movie that proves the utmost loyalty dogs possess. (Eat it, cats!)

Lucky Dog

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

I’m not the biggest fan of poodles, but even still, when a poor little homeless pooch is taken in by a crazy rich woman who wants to enter him in some super prestigious dog show, well, I’m suddenly taking notice.

Vampire Dog

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

I Triple “Dog” Dare you to read this synopsis of Vampire Dog and tell me you’re not dying to watch it right now: An enduring friendship forms when a boy adopts Fang, a 600-year-old vampire dog, and together they try to stop a mad scientist who wants Fang’s DNA.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

National Dog Day #StreamTeam

I loved reading Clifford as a kid (especially the Clifford Puppy stories) and loved watching the cartoons with my kids when they were younger. There’s just something lovable about a ginormous red puppy.

What’s your favorite dog movie?



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  1. I too love dogs but smaller and quiet ones. I remember watching a movie where a dog loses her way and separates from her pet owner and how she finds her way back with the assistance of a big cat is a heartwarming story. I forgot the name of the movie though.


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