Ace’s Favorite Dog Toy is Not What You Think

Puppy with slipper

It’s been about a year and a half since we welcomed Ace into our home. And you better believe we’ve spoiled the little guy.

The mini schnauzer with oodles of personality has way too many toys to count.

Squeaky plush ducks.

A Captain America dog toy or two.

Puppy with Captain America shield

Some Star Wars shenanigans. Yes, that is a Baby Yoda dog toy, thank you very much.

Puppy with Star Wars dog toy

Not to mention a few dozen (no joke) bouncy and squeaky balls.

Puppy with ball in his mouth

But despite a giant overflowing basket o’ dog toys, his absolute favorite of all is… my slippers.

Yes, I have a pair of fuzzy Chewbacca slippers and he loves playing “kill” with them, shaking them violently and running around the house with them. But I recently retired my Wookiee Wear and bought myself a pair of comfy ULTRAIDEAS memory foam slippers.

Mens comfy slippers

I work from home most of the time, and with hardwood floors, it can get a bit cold on my tootsies. Yes I wear socks, but in the early mornings (especially during winter), that floor is still cold.

So I bought these slippers to keep my feets warm, as well as offer up some shoe-like support.

No problem.

Until a few weeks ago, that is.

Allie and I were sitting on the couch in the living room when Ace raced upstairs. He rarely does that unless someone is up there.

Puppy stealing slipper

About 30 seconds later, we heard him clomping down the stairs with one of my new slippers in his mouth.

Over the next few weeks, he continually did this at odd times, usually when we were about to go to bed at night. Thing is, he finds my slippers in my office under my desk, and brings them downstairs. Sometimes he goes back to get the second one. Sometimes he doesn’t.

But for the most part… he just brings them downstairs.

He doesn’t play with them.

He doesn’t chew them.

He doesn’t sleep on them.

He just brings them to his lair downstairs. Like his kill.

We often catch him in the act, and while looking as guilty as a cat burglar, our confused faces don’t slow him down one bit.

Puppy coming out of room

Here he is sneaking out of my office.

Dog in hallway

Dum dee dum. Nothing to see here.

Puppy with slipper at top of stairs

And down the stairs we go.

Puppy running down the stairs

Does this staircase make my butt look big?

Puppy at bottom of steps

Almost there…

Puppy on landing with slipper

And he made it. Now off to not play with my slipper.

Dog drops slipper by chair

And there she goes. Ace drops my slipper right near one of the chairs in the living room. It’s not even in his bed.

But wait, there’s more…

Puppy with head in slipper

Yep, in the time it took to write this post, Ace went and grabbed the second one. At least he placed it right next to the first. Symmetry is important.

Dog with two slippers

And there you have it. Pretty much our nightly routine.

Did we stop buying Ace a dog toy everytime we passed the pet aisle at the supermarket? Okay, no. But we don’t buy him something EVERY time we shop.

I’m thinking for his 2nd birthday in July we splurge and buy him a fresh new pair of slippers all his own.

What’s your fur baby’s favorite dog toy?

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