Oh, deer. We fawn over our new houseguests

We always have deer walking around our property but this week we finally had an animal to fawn over. Yes, we now have a baby deer living (rent free, I might add) in our backyard. And its momma is most definitely keeping an eye on it. It started Thursday night when I let our dog Ace out into the backyard for his nightly routine. He immediately bolted to the far left corner of the fenced-in …

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Ace’s Favorite Dog Toy is Not What You Think

Dog with Captain America shield

It’s been about a year and a half since we welcomed Ace into our home. And you better believe we’ve spoiled the little guy. The mini schnauzer with oodles of personality has way too many toys to count. Squeaky plush ducks. A Captain America dog toy or two. Some Star Wars shenanigans. Yes, that is a Baby Yoda dog toy, thank you very much. Not to mention a few dozen (no joke) bouncy and squeaky …

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Healthy Dog Food Delivered Straight to Your Doggy Door

Ace on the deck

The following post contains affiliate links. We’ve had our puppy Ace for exactly three months now. This little guy somehow gets cuter by the day and more and more lovable. At 5 months old, he’s already a big part of the family. When it comes to feeding Ace, the little guy is a wonder. Yes, he’s picky with his dog food like most dogs probably are, but we’ve discovered he loves a lot of people …

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We Got a Puppy! Meet Ace, the Newest Member of our Family

Forget Coke vs. Pepsi. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Or even iPhone vs. Android. To me, the biggest debate of all time is Cats vs. Dogs. While I’m a big animal lover all around, I have always been a dog person. Let’s face it, cats are… well, kind of jerks. Dogs? Dogs on the other hand may not be as smart as felines, but they are so much more loyal. I mean, they aren’t called …

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Our First Trip to Disney World – Part 2: Animal Kingdom

We survived our first day at Disney World: Hollywood Studios. After an exhausting day, we tried to get to bed as early as possible because it was a very early start on Day 2. Yes, our 2nd day was a wild one as we ventured into Animal Kingdom! Up before 6 am (If it weren’t for my wife, I think the entire rest of our group would still be sleeping right now!), me, Allie and …

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