Oh, deer. We fawn over our new houseguests

Mama deer and her fawn

We always have deer walking around our property but this week we finally had an animal to fawn over.

Yes, we now have a baby deer living (rent free, I might add) in our backyard. And its momma is most definitely keeping an eye on it.

It started Thursday night when I let our dog Ace out into the backyard for his nightly routine. He immediately bolted to the far left corner of the fenced-in yard and started barking. I assumed it was a deer, which is not uncommon at all. And I was right.

Except, rather than running or even walking slowly away from the ferocious 14 lb. miniature schnauzer, this deer began walking towards him. I never saw a deer do that.

I just stared and it walked directly up to the fence, maybe one foot back. It then proceeded to walk across the entire backyard fence as I followed Ace around.

“Strange,” was all I thought before grabbing the eternal-yapping Ace and heading back inside.

Fast forward to Friday, when Allie and Jason were in the backyard with Ace barking as feverishly as ever. I headed to the back where they were standing, motioning me to come over. And then I saw it, the momma deer and her adorable little fawn.

This thing had to be, what, a day or two old at most. It’s amazing how fast they adapt upon birth, because I actually witnessed the little guy stand up all wobbly like and take a number of steps around with its momma.

Of course, this now meant that the backyard was pretty much a lost cause for Ace. At least for a little while I imagine.

Every time I let him out for a quick bathroom break, he bolts to the fence to bark. Every time I try to distract him by tossing a ball or stick, he stares at me, and then turns back to the fence and barks.

What’s really scary though is that the deer is super protective of her fawn. She now literally comes nose to nose with Ace through the fence. I don’t even know how sharp deer teeth are, but she could easily chomp on poor confused Ace.

She also stomps her feet and huffs back and forth along the fence, following Ace as he tries to warn her off with his barks. She’s clearly having none of that though and appears to be just shy of either smashing through the fence to kick him, or leaping over it to stomp him flat.

I know the phrase is beware of momma bears, but in this case, beware of momma deer!

And yet, this helicopter mom can also be quite gentle. I caught her giving the little guy a bath, before she even noticed me.

I know, you probably think we’re crazy being scared of a little ol’ deer. But based on the number of cars that are totaled by deer crossing the road, you can understand why.

Ace the mini-schnauzer
Our protector: Ace, the newly groomed 14 lb. miniature schnauzer

Allie and I just came back from picking Ace up at the groomers and as we pulled into the driveway, we spotted the deer way off on the side lawn.

She was eyeing us very closely.

As we got out of the car, she turned and started walking towards us.

I immediately thought I was in some M. Night Shyamalan movie for some reason and could almost hear the eerie soundtrack starting.

As if on cue, the deer started running towards us.


Allie grabbed Ace and screamed like a maniac as she ran into the garage. I don’t have to tell you that I was right behind them!

Thankfully, the deer didn’t follow me all the way into the house. She somehow quickly made her way to the back to be with her fawn.

And that’s where we are today. Trapped in our house for fear of being jumped by a single mom deer. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how to cohabitate a fenced-in backyard with a crazy mini-schnauzer and a deer and her fawn, please share them in the comments below.

Oh deer, indeed.

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