Puppy Dog Pals Barks Up the Right Tree for Young Animal Lovers

#PuppyDogPalsEvent Puppy Dog Pals

There are two types of people in this world: Dog People and Cat People. I am most definitely one of the former, which is why a show called Puppy Dog Pals is way more appealing to me than if it were called Furry Feline Friends or something. Disney Junior’s newest cartoon Puppy Dog Pals debuts on Friday, April 14 at 10:30 am ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes on the Disney Channel. You can also catch …

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Hop Over to a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime and Devour Disney’s Zootopia Today

#DolbyCinema #Zootopia #ShareAMC

Things got pretty wild yesterday at the AMC Garden State 16 theater in Paramus, NJ. The place was packed paw to paw with moviegoers eager to see Disney’s latest film Zootopia. And if all those little squeals and shrieks of joy were any indication, the House of Mouse has another mega hit on its hands. (And for the record, I wasn’t the only one squealing and shrieking…) I took Allie and the boys with me and, thanks to Dolby Cinema …

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When it Comes to Backyard Safety, Don’t Just Grin and Bear It

Bear Spray

I love the Hudson Valley. I grew up in this gorgeous part of New York and still live here today. It’s just breathtaking in the fall when all the leaves change color. There are some huge State Parks nearby too. As a kid, I often went with my dad up to Bear Mountain for loads of hiking adventures. We never saw a bear, but definitely saw some gorgeous views. Nowadays, my family lives real close …

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The Puffin Teapot That Got Away

PUffin bell, Puffin Mug, Puffin Statue

Allie’s a bird lover. A big bird lover. No, not the Sesame Street one. I mean she loves birds. Always has, always will. Her favorite by far is the puffin, a.k.a. the Clown of the Sea. As crazy a fan as I am of Captain America, she’s equally obsessed with puffins. Our house is full of puffin goodies from framed pictures to adorable puffin mugs to puffin statues to a puffin whistle! We use that Puffin …

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The Stink Bug War of 2014 Has Turned In Our Favor

Stink Bug Eater

Last fall, I told you guys about our little problem with Stink Bugs. The little stinkers (no pun intended) were popping up all over the place and just grossing us out. Then the winter came and they went into hiding. Fast forward to spring and the reunion began, this time in even greater numbers. We were seeing about 5 or 6 Stink Bugs a day easy. Good thing they’re super slow once they land so …

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