Hop Over to a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime and Devour Disney’s Zootopia Today

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Things got pretty wild yesterday at the AMC Garden State 16 theater in Paramus, NJ. The place was packed paw to paw with moviegoers eager to see Disney’s latest film Zootopia. And if all those little squeals and shrieks of joy were any indication, the House of Mouse has another mega hit on its hands. (And for the record, I wasn’t the only one squealing and shrieking…) I took Allie and the boys with me and, thanks to Dolby Cinema …

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Win Tickets to See Zootopia in a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime in Paramus, NJ!

I’m so excited for Disney’s latest release Zootopia, which hits theaters on March 4! (You did already download the free Zootopia coloring pages and activity sheets, right?) I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a good Disney animated flick, and let’s be honest, the majority of them are great to begin with. But when animals behave like humans, it just makes for fabulous storytelling. Plus, I am continually blown away by the animation. Just look at …

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Free Zootopia Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

What the Harry Potter films did for the world of magic, Zootopia is sure to do for the world of animals. Disney’s surefire next hit, hitting theaters on March 4, Zootopia looks to be an adorably, action-packed, hilarious animated adventure. Just check out this clip of rookie Officer Judy Hopps heading into Zootopia for the first time. Seeing how animals act like humans to arrive in a big city is hilarious. (The hamsters crack me up! …

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