Baymax Lets it Go with Frozen Easter Eggs in Big Hero 6


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I knew next to nothing about Big Hero 6 when I first saw it in theaters. The only thing I knew was that it was created by a bunch of cool comic book guys called Man of Action. But the movie was so much fun and I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD (February 24!).

Disney’s always tossing in loads of fun cameos and nods to other films within its animated movies, and Big Hero 6 was no exception. There were actually a number of Frozen-related Easter Eggs throughout. Take a look!

I know there’s plenty more Easter Eggs throughout the film (including an appearance by Marvel’s very own Stan Lee!). I can’t wait to watch it again to see what I can catch!

What Easter Eggs did you find in Big Hero 6?


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9 thoughts on “Baymax Lets it Go with Frozen Easter Eggs in Big Hero 6”

  1. I have not purchased this yet but its on my sons whish list and I will be looking for the eggs. ive heard of other Disney films doing things like this its actually a pretty col idea.

  2. Oh Wow. I had no idea…wait till I tell my kid about this…when I purchase it (thanks for telling me it’s out), we’ll be watching and counting! 🙂

  3. Both my kids wanted to see this in the theaters and we just didn’t make it. We all thought the trailers were awewome! I can’t wait for it to release so we can see it!!!

  4. I loved the trailer of this movie and will probably see it through Redbox when it comes there. I didn’t know about the Easter Eggs so I will definitely keep an eye out for them.

  5. I haven’t seen it yet ,but probably wouldn’t see the frozen eggs anyway,,you got to have good eyes to locate those,,even with my glasses on I wouldn’t have seen them

  6. We haven’t seen this movie yet, but we have heard rave reviews from friends. We love everything Disney, so I’m sure I’ll be buying this movie come Feb 24th! Too bad I can’t ask for it for Valentine’s day. 🙂


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