Bill & Ted’s Totally Excellent Infographic

I’ve always been great in Math and English  Easily my two best subjects. History? Not so much. I don’t know why, but it’s always just been so, well… boring to me.

Maybe it’s all that note taking and remembering of key dates and facts. I always had a good memory, so that wasn’t the issue. I just never found it exciting.

But two things from my childhood have stuck with me in terms of history. First up is Schoolhouse Rock. I can still recite the entire preamble to the Constitution thanks to this musical masterpiece. The other is 1988’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It’s a movie about two slackers who use a time machine to learn all about history. And their mentor is a grouchy (is there any other kind) George Carlin. What’s not to love?

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure just came out on Blu-ray so you can see every pore on Abraham Lincoln’s face. Every hair in Napoleon’s nose. And every “whoa” perfectly uttered from Keanu Reeve’s lips.

To celebrate this historic even, 20th Century Fox has shared this totally excellent infographic about the Wyld Stallions and the historical figures they’ve learned all about.

Most excellent indeed.

Click the thumbnail to see the infographic full size.

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  1. It does bring back the memories. It has been ages since I saw or even thought of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Thanks for jogging my memory, Andrew. Yes, it will be great to watch it on Blu-ray, better to take a clear trip down the nostalgia lane rather than a hazy one.


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