Blog Spotlight: Alison from Being Alison

Alison (that’d be the star of Being Alison)  is one of the happiest, most smiling-est bloggers I’ve gotten to know over the past year. She is the poster child for the helpful blogger. Whether it’s a simple question about blogging, a technical snafu you’re completely clueless about, or help spreading the word, Alison is your blogger. And your friend. Even through some of her darkest hours, Alison still manages to find time to smile.

She recently helped me out majorly with Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy. I was having some big layout issues after upgrading my template and Alison came to my rescue like a knight in smiling armor. She’s also the first blogger I’ve gotten to know that actually lives somewhat in my area (less than an hour drive). Maybe one day we’ll actually have a local blogger meetup!

Meet Alison from Being Alison

Alison Wright

Blogger: Alison
How’d your blog get its name?

My blog originally started out as Being Me… because that is what it was going to be about, me. But I changed it to Being Alison since well that’s my name. I can still blog about whatever interests me but it’s more personal! I hope.

What do you love most about blogging?

The part I love most about blogging is the relationships I have found. I have made some great friends and I really appreciate them. Also being able to make money to help my husband out. Since I was just a SAHM before I never had any money of my own, because I felt bad asking my husband for anything extra since we didn’t have much. So it’s so nice to be able to get myself new things, buy my boys new clothes and help pay for vacations!

What’s the worst part about blogging?

The worst part I think is just trying to find a balance. A balance between family, home and work. With my office being at home it’s hard to turn on and off certain aspects of it. It’s just always right there.

Why do you blog?

I blog because I love to do so. It gives me something that I’m just “Alison”. I’m not just “mom” or “the lady that sometimes cleans the house.” I am also so proud of myself with what I have been able to accomplish.

What’s your favorite Blogging Tool?

This one is hard… I think I can say my favorite tool is PicMonkey because it makes editing photos so easy. It’s the part of a post I dread the most, the editing.

How has blogging affected your life?

I once was recognized at the grocery store from a Twitter follower. When I was super sick. That was strange but awesome. But anyways blogging has allowed me to do many things that I may never have had gotten the chance to do. Like travel to LA. That was the first time I was on the west coast. Plus I’ve flown on a plane more in the past year than I have in the last 10 years. I have been able to provide fun events for my family and I hope told my readers about awesome new things. It also helped me a lot when I had my miscarriage because I had this amazing outpouring of love and support when I needed it most. It really helped me get through the dark times, especially because I had a place to write it and share.

Have you met other bloggers in person? Is it awkward?

Yes I have met a ton of other bloggers and it was not awkward at all. Some of these ladies are who I talked to every day; it was so wonderful to be able to meet them! And now when I read their comments or statuses, I hear it in their voice. It’s so nice to be able to connect on a personal level when usually we are just behind screens. I went to BlogHer ’12 just to meet my friends, and that is what I did for the most part.

If you could have anyone in the world (living or dead) write a guest post for your blog, who would it be?

Anne Frank. She has always inspired me since I was a teen and I read her book, over and over again. I would love for her to have written me a guest post.

Being Alison

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  1. Early on in my blogging career I met Alison and watched with wonder as she’d help (for free) so many bloggers with problems they had, and saved a lot of blogs, prevented headaches…she is AMAZING! Just kind hearted and sweet, I love her 🙂 And we live in the same state, and she promised to visit me in my new house (and she flirts with my husband and makes him blush, lol)

  2. I’ve just started to get to “know” Alison on the forums and she’s been a great help already! I can’t wait to read her blog and get to know her better! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Alison rocks and has one of the biggest hearts I have ever met. I am proud and honores to call her my friend.


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