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Blogger: Leah
Blog Name: Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

How did you get started blogging?
When my daughter was about a year and a half old, a friend of mine told me that I should start a blog with random tips because anytime she has a question or something, she’d ask me and I always had a solution. Ultimately, I decided to start a blog because my life long dream was to be a writer. One day I will get the opportunity to really focus time and energy on a novel idea I have. I would really like to write Young Adult fiction books.

What do you love most about blogging?
Hands down, the best part of blogging, was meeting everyone in the Momdot community. I also love that I can set my own hours. It allows me to work from home, and since my daughter is in 3rd grade and they still need parent volunteers, I’m able to do that.

What’s the worst part about blogging?
Working from home. I know… I just said it was the best part, but anyone that works from home will tell you that working from home is difficult. You can’t get away from the laundry piling up or the sink full of dishes. It’s hard to find that balance sometimes.

Blog Spotlight

Why do you blog?
I blog because I am a writer at heart. I wanted to go to college to get a creative writing degree, but I was told that I would never make money writing. I needed to get a degree in something I could make money doing. So I got a teaching degree. Guess what…when I graduated, the teaching industry was so over saturated in Michigan that I was not able to get a job. I was 1 of 3000 people that applied for ONE position. It was nuts. I subbed for awhile, but in the past eight years, I’ve made more blogging than I have teaching.

Does your family read your blog? Ever get in trouble because of it?
Yes and yes! I posted about my 30th birthday my husband planned for me and made the comment that I never really had a bday party before. My mom took offense to that. I did edit the post and mention the disaster of a birthday that I had when I was 11. But she took offense to that too. My 30th birthday… that was amazing and so much fun. You’ll have to check out the AMAZING cake my husband MADE me! [EDITOR’S NOTE: That is a pretty impressive cake. Go, Leah’s Husband!]

How has blogging affected your life?
Blogging has affected my life in so many ways. When my husband lost his job and I had to get a job outside the home, I wasn’t able to blog as much because I was working 40 hours a week. I was still able to apply for different blogging gigs and after my husband got a new job and I was able to go back to being a stay at home/work at home mom. I got the highest paying blogging job I’ve EVER gotten at the exact moment I needed it to help replenish our savings that we depleted when he had lost his job. It was at that moment that I knew how blessed I was to be a blogger.

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Have you met other bloggers in person? Was it awkward?
Yes! I went to Brandcation Blog Cabin and Brandcation Seas the Day. It was not really all that awkward to me. However, on the cruise, a blogger kept mentioning how quiet I am in “real life” since I am not quiet online. But overall, it is not awkward at all.

What’s the most embarrassing post you’ve ever written? 
For some STRANGE unknown reason, I got it in my head to write about whether or not leg hair grows faster when you are cold. I know… totally embarrassing. I have no idea why I did that, but I did and believe it or not… IT’S MY HIGHEST SEARCHED POST FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Please don’t shoot me… but neither! [EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview is over. Stop reading. Now. Okay, okay. Fine. But I’m very cross with you, Leah!] My parents always liked Star Trek and would have it on in the house and I couldn’t stand it. It drove me crazy. At Christmas I tried to watch the old Star Wars movies so I could go with my husband and son to see the new one, but I just couldn’t get into them. They were just boring to me. So daughter and I went to see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie!

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You share a lot of recipes on your blog. Who’s the best taste tester in your house?
My husband will try anything I make. When we got married I could not cook at all. I CHARRED the outside of chicken and the inside was raw. No joke. I also made this spaghetti pie. I was all excited about it and called him to tell him when it would be ready (he worked about 10 minutes away from where we lived). All I said was, “I made my own recipe that I made up in my own head. It’s great.” Well, we sat down to dinner and he took a bite and he tried to smile and tell me it was great. I took a bite, spit it in my plate and then yelled at him for lying to me. It was terrible!

Over the last, almost 14 years, I’ve really gotten a lot better and cook pretty much anything. My husband is still my best taste tester. Although, both of my kids jump at the chance to taste stuff too!

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  1. I read this blog and I really like it. Leah is a very interesting and intelligent writer. I enter lots of blogs so I do not know whether or not I will try hers. I know it would be very unique, like her. Good to meet you, Leah.

  2. That birthday cake is so awesome (and funny)! Good job, hubby! Sounds like a good blog— I’ve got to add it to my list! 😀

  3. Ahhhh the Star Trek… really it is an acquired taste if you dont ‘get it’ right away. Try it, make your way past the initial impressions. It isnt like spaghetti pie (which I think might be an acquired taste too)
    You sound like a fun blogger!

  4. I was very interested in Leah’s blog until I got to the part that said, “My parents always liked Star Trek and would have it on in the house and I couldn’t stand it. It drove me crazy..” Bad girl, Leah! Bad! Don’t you know that Star Trek contains all you need to know about life? Love long and prosper, anyway! \\ //


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