Snow Days Rule, Sick Days Drool


Cold Fighting

Sick Days. They really are a pain, both literally and figuratively. I’ve already shared my thoughts about fighting through it all because nobody’s got time for sick days. But despite the unseasonably super warm weather we’ve been having of late, the temperatures here in NY have definitely started to plummet.

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Sure I love the whole holiday season, what with the gifts, the food, the decorations, the family and just the all-around giving spirit that permeates the air.

Unfortunately, that’s not all that permeates the air. Loads of folks are unwillingly giving you gifts that you not only don’t want, but can’t return. Yep, Cold and Flu Season is officially here.

While most people do enjoy getting a day off from work, nobody wants to trade that for a super stuffy nose, scratchy throat and cloudy head. It’s just not worth it. That’s where Vicks DayQuil SEVERE and NyQuil SEVERE come in to help you push through the work day and get get some real solid relief from your symptoms.

Now Snow Days are a completely different story.

I haven’t had to deal with a rough snowy winter commute yet at my current job. But as it involves a 45 minute drive down a major highway known for being pretty bad in the snow, I’m definitely not looking forward to it. Luckily, I bring my laptop home with me every day and could manage working from home if necessary.

The best part of a Snow Day work day is taking an extended coffee break to go outside with the kids and really enjoy the winter wonderland. We’ll do it all from sledding to snowball fights to building the oddest looking snowmen you could imagine.

What can working parents do to avoid giving in to a cold or flu this season so that we can not only get our work done but also enjoy the winter fun with our kids? Turns out, plenty!

5 Cold-Fighting Tips for a Snow Day

1. Bundle Up
That goes for both you and your kids. Double up on the socks and wear thermals if you have any. Absolutely wear a hat and gloves, along with a scarf to keep your extremities as toasty warm as can be. The cold air should feel good on your scratchy throat anyways, so definitely wrap yourself up real nice and toasty.


2. Drink, Drink, Drink
Whatever it takes, be sure to drink, preferably hot liquids. (I know, it might be tough to force yourself to drink some hot cocoa.) Whenever I get sick, I switch from gallons of coffee to gallons of tea. Toss in a bit of honey to help soothe the throat or squash a cough too. Of course, chicken soup is another staple that needs to be in your cold-fighting arsenal.

3. Hot Shower
I’m a wuss when it comes to taking a hot shower. I’ll admit it. But if I’m feeling a cold coming on or fighting one full blast, I try crank up the heat as high as I can tolerate and just stand there as I let the water work it’s magic. It’ll feel great on your sore muscles but more importantly, helps open up those clogged nasal passages a bit.


4. Sleep It Off
Hot liquids and a solid night’s sleep is always going to be the #1 prescription for avoiding a Sick Day. Easier said than done, though. That’s where things like a warm vaporizer and some Vick’s NyQuil SEVERE can help ensure you get a restful night’s sleep to help you get a leg up on the next day.


5. Have Fun!
The best way to fight the winter cold/flu battle? Get your gear on and head outside with the kids. Dig a snow tunnel. Go sledding down a big hill. Build a snow man or better yet, a Snow Yoshi! Just have fun and let your kids’ enjoyment help you push past any aches or pains you’re fighting.


No one can completely avoid catching a cold or the flu, but at least you can do your best to fight them off or at least ease your symptoms. Mother Nature, on the other hand, is impossible to fight. So embrace those Snow Days and get the necessary tools you need to enjoy some real snow-filled fun with your kids.

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12 thoughts on “Snow Days Rule, Sick Days Drool”

  1. I like your comments about getting rid of a cold. I like your ideas, but would not advise going out in the cold if you are running a temperature or coughing. I guess I am an old-fashioned mom. If I would not put a child with that type of cold out, do not go outside either.
    As a matter, simply, of curiousity, did any or all of these tips shorten up your cold and by how many days?!

  2. WE got caught in the blizzard on the east coast, luckily we didn’t get sick but we did have hot chocolate, bundled up, and watched netflix marathon runs!

  3. We’ve had such a mild winter here in Upstate New York (knock on wood!) that we haven’t had a single snow day yet. Poor kiddos!

  4. Iam in the midwest andd you would think I would be used to the snow. Every year I hate it. They doont give many snow days more so if there is an ice storrm forecast because it gets slick. I add chicken noodle in there, take NyQuil and hope I sleep until spring.

  5. Thanks for the coupon (and the advice!); I always have Nyquil in the cabinet – just in case. It’s really terrible when you have to go out in the cold when you are sick and buy it!

  6. NyQuil and DayQuil are our go-tos. And I don’t have a love/hate relationship with this weather, I have a HATE relationship with it. And OMG – they’re talking abojut 5-8 inches of snow for this Saturday.!!! Sleep, sleep – I just would love to sleep the winter away and wake up in April !

  7. Excellent tips, I’m in Central NY and it was mild for so long until just recently. Lake Effect hit and we had snow days. I really try hard to follow your tips and other precautions but I’m guilty of never dressing warm enough. I will say that NiQuil and Dayquil has saved me many times when I needed to keep going.


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