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Blogger: Eliza
Blog Name: The Life of a Home Mom

Why do you blog?
I started blogging as a way of keeping my husband informed of life back home when he was over in Iraq. I was blogging about life, things I bought and loved and of course hated. I loved interacting with others and at the time I was part of a mom writers group online that really supported one another so it felt great to blog and get comments.


What do you love most about blogging?
I love blogging because it is like keeping a journal about my favorite moments with my kids and life. Later I can go back and remember all the fun times, the kids can take a glimpse, etc. Plus I love reading that others have been there and done that or hearing I’ve helped someone out.

What’s the worst part about blogging?
The worst part of blogging is that only bloggers get it. Try explaining what blogging is to family members that don’t “Get it,” they just think you gossip. Another bad moment is when you get blogger’s/writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write about. I can sit there with a stranger or another blogger and brainstorm a million topics but when it comes to sitting down and writing it for myself I can’t do it. Either it doesn’t sound like me or I criticize everything to the point that I never write it up. Yes, we really are our own worst enemy.

Does your family read your blog? Ever get in trouble because of it?
No my family does not read my blog, I wish they did but they don’t. I think if they did somehow I’d feel a bit more connected to them, maybe they’d actually get me. Now my kids read my blog from time to time when they are allowed free time on the computer at school. They love reading stories about themselves and/or seeing the photos I’ve taken and they’ve forgotten about. I did get in trouble once when I blogged and my husband’s co-workers read it. I’ve since watched what I write…at least which topics.

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Have you met other bloggers in person? Is it awkward?
Two years ago I met a few bloggers at the ChiTag (Chicago Toy Fair) and had a blast; it was the first time I had ever met an online person. The funny thing is I’ve known many ladies/gentlemen for over 13 years and had never met any online ones until then. Eeek, time for me to go to more blogger events, right? No, it isn’t awkward because you feel a kinship with them because the two of you speak a language that no one else does and half the time your family doesn’t get it.

What’s the most embarrassing post you’ve ever written?
The most embarrassing post I ever wrote was more of a shocking post. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed by it but not something you tell your next door neighbor, heck it wasn’t something I told anyone until now. It felt really good to talk about it too and I found out a lot of others had been there and done that. Course if you count Facebook, just last week I took a photo of our son, he was nursing and I only thought I caught an expression in his eyes to send to his dad and posted it on Facebook. I can’t see my pictures until they are on Facebook as my screen is so tiny. Imagine my horror when I saw it was a full shot of him nursing, I quickly deleted it and signed off Facebook. It was only to certain friends and family in an album but knowing how certain family members feel I was a bit worried.

If you could have anyone in the world (living or dead) write a guest post for your blog, who would it be?
Sean Connery because I loved him in Finding Forester (one of my favorite movies). This was such an inspirational movie for writers. Another person I’d like to guest post for me would have to come up from the grave, but we all know him….William Shakespeare. This was a man that knew what he was writing.

Have your kids blogged on your site?
Yes, my kids are very active in my blogging life and if you haven’t noticed they are the center of my world. As far as the reviews go, they love them. The oldest tends to not like so much of the photo taking now but he will get playful and stick his tongue out or do something crazy when I snap a shot of him. I remember the first time we started reviewing, I asked the kids to make a Christmas wish list for me and I got everything on it, I was so shocked, I actually felt like a fraud…like I was stealing something. They were hooked after that and knew that in order to do a review they would have to write up what they liked/didn’t like about the product and let me take a picture of them with it. They were always willing after that. My younger daughter has even wrote that she wants to be a product reviewer like her mom when she grows up in some class papers.

You have another job besides blogging, don’t you?
I recently signed up to be an Origami Owl Independent Designer because earlier last year I reviewed my first piece and fell in love with the lockets and tagged necklaces…not to mention the story behind the company. If you don’t know this was a girl’s dream to be able to pay for her very first car (on her own) at 16… oh and she did it. A girl never can have enough jewelry and the fact you can change them however your mood is was great. Not to mention I finally got a locket with all 5 of my kids in it and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, with charms only at $5 I couldn’t beat that. It took a while because I had to save up in order to do it. So the fact I love the jewelry just added to my desire to work for them because I need to find another route to make money and continue to stay home with my little man.

Being a mom of five kids, any advice for moms out there?
I may have 5 children but let me be the first to tell moms I don’t have the answers. But I can tell you that you still can’t be that perfect mom no matter how hard you try, even if you’ve already got a house full of kids. Trust me I’ve tried, but you can learn to become a better mom. I don’t know about things getting easier with each child either because you’ve already been through the stages like many state, chances are your child will be different from the rest. You must learn how your child best responds and learns how to do things. If you have a visual learner with one you might not with another. It is all about love, patience and understanding and yes there will be some nights you still don’t get sleep.

As they get older they may be able to care more for themselves but that won’t stop you from worrying or trying to help them out. Currently, my oldest will be graduating high school in less than two years and headed off to college, I know he’s smart and ready to go but I’m just not ready to let him go yet so this is a new area for me and once again I’m having a hard time letting go.

Always make sure to make time for your kids, I always hear parents say they just don’t have the time…make it. These are the only years you really have until they are grown and on their own and then you’ll wish you did or wish they’d stop by and they are too busy. Every Friday the kids and I rent a movie, play board games and basically just talk. I cherish every moment I can get, even if they drive me crazy when they are sick or when they fight with one another. The truth is, though, I wouldn’t change them for the world. I love my time with them and I hope later in life they will say they enjoyed it too.

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26 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: Eliza from The Life of a Home Mom”

  1. I love reading about other bloggers and the fact that you spotlight them frequently. It is very interesting to me to read about other people’s lives around the country.

  2. Wow! Such an inspiration you brought me Eliza! I am just in my starting years of being a full fledged housewife and I really can’t imagine myself juggling all those priorities all at the same time. I am truly humbled to say that your story moved me to thrive of still getting the fun out of doing all the “Mom” stuff. I really am so excited on myself and how Im gonna look like after 3 or 5 years from now.

  3. your children are beautiful! Having a mother who raises them to help each other out is part of the reason why they are good kids. It takes discipline and hard work to accomplish that.

  4. Its noble of you to share your mistakes as well as your success in blogging. I know how important it is to spend time with our children when they’re young. Mine is now a grown man and I certainly do miss the younger years with him. We’re so lucky to have children and spending time with them is a wonderful reward for both kids and adults.

  5. I love that this blog started as a way of keeping her Military Serviceman Husband informed about her, her life, her children and to stay connected to him and have a journal/record of life when he was away!! <3

  6. I love the fact that other bloggers are highlighted on your page. I like reading blogs everyday and learning more about other people across the country. I couldn’t imagine raising 5 kids and still trying to blog. More power to you. I would someday like to blog but first I have to find something that I am really passionate about enough to blog about it.

    • Oh thank you so much Audrey. I just realized I really don’t talk about myself, I’m always talking about my kids. Wow. Guess it is time to start chatting a bit about myself on my blog and stuff. I really did like this, felt a bit weird but had fun with the interview.

  7. This is a great post, I enjoy reading these blog spotlight posts, it’s very interesting to read about other bloggers. Thank you for this post.

  8. Thanks for posting about your time in a psychiatric hospital. I prefer internet communities that observe rules against belittling mental illness, since I’ve had serious issues myself, and those FB memes hurt my feelings.

  9. I really like that you do this, I get to learn about other blogs and interesting people! Thanks for the neat posts I love to read your blog everyday!

  10. 5 children! God bless you, how do you manage? I went out of my mind with just one!!! (Of course, her father was somewhat of a child himself, so I was really more of a single mom with 2 kids). Interesting that you’d like Sean Connery for a guest
    poster. He’s one of my fave’s, too!

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, there are days I wonder if I’m even doing things right. It is their behavior (for the most part) that lets me know I’m doing something good though. Many can do things on their own now and help mom around the house so having more can be a blessing at the same time, especially now that I have a 16 and 13 yr old that can help with baby duty. 🙂 I make sure everyone has chores, yes even the 6 yr old can clean his room. Oh and I absolutely love Sean Connery, would love to meet him one day.


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