D’oh! Lego Invades Springfield to Make Homer a True Blockhead!


The Simpsons House Lego

It’s no secret that the ultimate gift anyone can get me is the Lego Star Wars Death Star. It’s my #1 most-requested gift and even if I’m in my 90s in some old-age home somewhere down the line, I will own this thing before I die!

But Lego apparently lives to make my life hell because they keep putting out cooler and cooler sets! First there was Batman (LOVE my Lego Batcave). Then there was the Lego Avengers! And of course Lego Lord of the Rings. And now, well, now they’ve put out something that, well, I may just want as much as the Lego Death Star.

It’s America’s most-favoritest dysfunctional family… The Simpsons! (Try saying that without singing it, a la the opening credits.)

For just $199 you can own and build your very own Simpsons House!

Lego Simpsons House Box art

You get the entire Simpsons family (That’d be Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie) and lovable punching-bag-of-a-neighbor Flanders! But you also get one of the most underrated characters from the show…. The Simpsons House itself! And like most awesome Lego sets, this one isn’t just pretty on the outside.

Inside The Simpsons House 

Yep, the house actually opens up and lets you play on the inside with various rooms and accessories. My favorite part is the family car and garage with working garage door!

The Simpsons Lego car

How perfect is it that Marge’s hair sticks out of the roof?

Considering the Simpsons House is roughly half the price of the Lego Death Star, I figure I have a fighting chance at snagging this one! Too bad my birthday is like four months away. Of course, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…

I really hope this explodes into a full-fledged Simpsons line! Just think of the potential playsets:

  • Springfield Elementary – Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabapple would be a must, along with Groundskeeper Willie!
  • Kwik-E-Mart – Complete with Apu, his 8,000 kids and plenty of Squishees
  • Treehouse of Horror – A Lego Kang and Kodos!!!
  • Springfield Penitentiary – Gotta include the donut-devouring Chief Wiggum! And of course, we need to get Ralph “My cat’s breath smells like cat food” Wiggum in their too!
  • The Android’s Dungeon – The comic book shop complete with ripped up copy of Radioactive Man #1 would easily be the… Best. Lego. Set. Ever.
  • The Lemon Tree – Okay, there’s no way they’d ever make this one but the Springfield/Shelbyville turf war is summed up by this beautiful fruit-bearing tree

I could go on for days, weeks, years even, but I’m fairly confident the Lego team is on top of the Simpsons so I’m not worried. I’ll just sit back and wait for the sets to come rolling in! Oh, and if Lego’s reading this and they’re looking for some solid blogger reviews, why, I’d be more than happy to help out!LEGOBuy The Simpsons House at the Lego Shop

What Lego Simpsons set do you want to see?

22 thoughts on “D’oh! Lego Invades Springfield to Make Homer a True Blockhead!”

  1. I must be old. I remember when Legos were justvthe cubes. You made your own stories. You didn’t have little people figures. You used your imagination. What happened? The new ones are cute but I love the old ones.

  2. omg this is beyond amazing, and let me tell you my kids wouldn’t lay a finger on it! lol It’d be mine then on display! 🙂

  3. wow I would love that simpsons set but not for that price… why is lego sooo expensive??? my kids would love to have a few ninja turtles sets. maybe if they go on sale later

  4. This is a great set for fans of The Simpsons. They definitely need to make a Krusty the Clown and Sideshow Bob set, and one with Mr. Burns and the factory.

  5. I have been waiting forever for theses!I am a long time fan of the Simpsons,remember when they debuted on the Tracy Ullman show?


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