Celebrate in Style with Animated Digital Greetings


Back in college, my friend Dave became a vegetarian. It quickly rubbed off on me and my future wife (yes, that’d be Allie). I lasted a few years after college, but eventually went back to being a full-time carnivore. Allie lasted a lot longer, waiting until just before Jason was born. But Dave, well he stuck with it for more than two decades.

That’s 20+ years of not eating meat. No bacon. No chicken. No turkey. Did I mention no bacon?

Well, I was recently floored when Dave told me he was going to finally give it up and go back to eating meat. And he kept to his word, breaking a long-standing tradition (and nearly his stomach) by devouring chicken, smoked turkey, chopped liver and a pastrami on rye, all within the first few days of giving up his vegetarianism. I’m so proud of him.

I can’t wait to meet up with Dave again for some horrifically awful (yet awesome tasting) burgers, tacos, hot dogs, you name it. In fact, I’m so happy for the guy that I want to send him a card. But a regular old greeting card just doesn’t seem like it’d do the job justice. So instead, I put together a super spiffy digital greeting for him.

This one’s for you, Dave:

 I made that fun little greeting using a real simple free app called Cam Animated. It’s super user-friendly and you can do as much or as little as you’d like with it. Here’s how I put Dave’s greeting together.

Cam Animate

First I found a photo I wanted to share. You can browse through your images or even take a new one right then and there. Once your photo’s loaded, you can spin it around, and shrink or expand it simply by moving your fingers on the image.

Cam Animate

Next, I selected the “Animate” button which lets you scroll through a handful of cute little animations centering around events like: Happy Birthday, Love, Congrats, Hi, Meet for Coffee, and more.

Cam Animate

Once you pick your animated theme, you can view the short animated skit. The default color is white, but you can choose from dozens of different colors. I went with green just because.

Cam Animate
Next up, you can add some fun text to your greeting either just as text on top of your image, or within a number of cute banner styles. If you want, you can even add music from any tune in your music collection or record your own greeting message if you’d like.

Cam Animate

After you’re all set with your photo, animation, banner and music, it’s time to finish things up. Just click the Share button and you’ll have an easy choice of sharing your greeting via any number of social networks from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook, or via email or text message.

It’s really a fun little app that I can see using for all sorts of big events like graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Or heck, it’d be great to use for party invites or TV Show premiere parties! Or, you know, for those friends of yours who’ve finally come back to the flock.


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6 thoughts on “Celebrate in Style with Animated Digital Greetings”

  1. What a very fun app to use to animate and send to a friend. I thought the story about your friend was great! Glad he is eating meat! Kind of shocking after not eating for 20 years,

  2. Wow! What can I say, man? Thanks. It’s good to be back. Good little app. Though, I have to ask… why are we hugging about the meat? And who’s the third person? Is it our MIA friend, Keith? Also, there’s some non-meat items on the plate.. that’s not cool. Oh, and the doctor says I now officially have scurvy. 🙂



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