Save the Scares for Halloween, Reading Should Be Shared


My parents used to live only 15 minutes from us. So every year at Halloween, after taking the kids trick or treating in the neighborhood, we’d all hop in the car and drive to grandma and grandpa’s house for an extra special Trick or Treat session. Now that they’ve moved upstate, it’s been a number of years since we got to spend Halloween with them. Allie’s parents still live 15 minutes away, though, so we …

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Celebrate in Style with Animated Digital Greetings

Back in college, my friend Dave became a vegetarian. It quickly rubbed off on me and my future wife (yes, that’d be Allie). I lasted a few years after college, but eventually went back to being a full-time carnivore. Allie lasted a lot longer, waiting until just before Jason was born. But Dave, well he stuck with it for more than two decades. That’s 20+ years of not eating meat. No bacon. No chicken. No …

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‘Netwars – The Butterfly Attack’ is a Modern Day ‘War Games’ Spanning Multiple Platforms

 I’m still one of those old-school fanboys who likes to sit on the couch with a comic book in hand. I even prefer graphic novels so I can read a ton of issues at once. I just can’t sit and read one issue of a comic at a time, especially since they take all of five minutes to read. If that. I know digital comics are starting to take hold a bit, but I just …

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Blast Off On An Interactive Storybook Adventure with Laura’s Journey to the Stars

Laura's Journey to the Stars

When my kids were younger, one of my favorite things to do was build all sorts of forts out of our living room couch cushions. With just a handful of pillows, some blankets and loads of imagination, my boys and I had all we needed to take off on loads of adventures. And then there were the times we’d get a new washing machine or freezer. Best gifts ever, right? No, not the appliances, I’m …

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AppJoy Gives You Free Gift Card Rewards Just for Playing Apps

The Internet’s full of scams. Hopefully you realize that by now and haven’t been victimized by any. I’m amazed at the ridiculous emails I still get from that Prince in Nairobi looking to give me his fortune just for helping him transfer some funds. This poor guy’s been at it for years! That said, there are also a lot of legit companies on the Web but they can get lost in the shuffle. I’ve written …

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