Brace Yourself for the Aporkalypse: A Bacon Shortage is Coming

I have some horrific news to share. No, it’s not about politics. Nor disease. Nor blind referees who can’t make a correct call in a football game to save their lives. No, this is much more serious. In fact, it’s something tantamount to apocalyptic proportions. I’m not talking about the start of The Walking Dead’s third season (which kicks off this Sunday!). No, I’m talking about bacon. Yes, bacon. Nature’s perfect food. According to some key studies …

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Fifty Shades of Pain

Fifty Shades of Grey

A few weeks ago I attended a Cafe Mom party tying in to the Blog Her 12 conference that was happening in NYC at the time. It was a great chance for me to meet the editors I’ve been working with for months now. I always feel it helps, no matter what the business, to make face time with the people you work with remotely. I had a great time at the party and am …

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I’m Elmo and I Know It

Sesame Street song parody

This weekend, Ryan was sniffing around YouTube and came across a parody of “I’m Sexy and  I know it.” For some reason, Ryan loves that song to begin with and is constantly walking around the house singing it. A few weeks ago, my wife overheard him talking to a friend of his on a playdate. They were singing the song and then Ryan asked his friend, “Do you know what sexy means?” His friend had …

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Spider-Man, My Kids and the Kissing Episode

Woman from Space Kisses Spider-Man

If you’ve been following my blog (and if you haven’t, why not?), you know that I recently discovered Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends on Netflix and I’ve been watching it with my kids regularly. It was easily my favorite cartoon as a kid and I just love watching it with my two boys now. But to this day, I don’t recall the infamous Spider-Man kiss. We just finished them all, but there was a big …

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