I Sat Next to Leigh-Allyn Baker While Watching Bad Hair Day


Movies are always more fun with a crowd. For some reason it’s just easier (and more enjoyable) to let loose and laugh when you’ve got your buddies nearby. Me? I go one step further. I get the stars themselves to join me. Okay, so maybe I had a “little” bit of help but on my recent #McFarlandUSAEvent Blogging Trip to L.A., I had the sincere pleasure of previewing the Disney Channel’s upcoming movie Bad Hair …

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Diving Behind the Scenes of the Refreshingly Hilarious Fresh Off the Boat

#FreshOfftheBoat #ABCTVEvent

On the surface, ABC’s new comedy Fresh Off the Boat may seem like the crazy story of a Chinese family leaving its comfortable roots in D.C.’s Chinatown to head down to sunny suburban Orlando. And, well, it is. But that’s actually beside the point. This show is about anyone and everyone who’s ever felt like an Outsider. “If you’re from any kind of immigrant experience or if you just felt like an Outsider for whatever reason, …

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Me, Costner and Snow White are Gonna Be BFFs When I Head Back to Los Angeles! #McFarlandUSAEvent


Last year, I got to cross a number of items off my bucket list including hanging with Captain America and interviewing a Muppet. (I got to interview three Muppets actually!)  It was all thanks to an amazing Blogging Trip put together by the dream-makers known as Disney. Well, guess what? Apparently I didn’t embarrass myself too much interviewing Scarlett Johansson because I just got invited to my second Disney Blogger Trip in Los Angeles!!! This time …

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