Me, Costner and Snow White are Gonna Be BFFs When I Head Back to Los Angeles! #McFarlandUSAEvent

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Last year, I got to cross a number of items off my bucket list including hanging with Captain America and interviewing a Muppet. (I got to interview three Muppets actually!)  It was all thanks to an amazing Blogging Trip put together by the dream-makers known as Disney.

Well, guess what? Apparently I didn’t embarrass myself too much interviewing Scarlett Johansson because I just got invited to my second Disney Blogger Trip in Los Angeles!!!


This time around, the headliner is Disney’s upcoming film McFarland, USA, where I’ll not only get to preview the film but interview the filmmakers, the real-life inspirations of the film, as well as various cast members. Oh, did I mention that those cast members include Kevin Costner? Aw, yeah! Mr. “If I build it, they will come” himself!

Check out the trailer for McFarland, USA:

But wait, there’s so much more!

Big Hero 6, Disney
The other big event is a press day for the DVD release of Disney’s Big Hero 6! I’ll not only get to interview the filmmakers, but voice actors too, incuding Ryan Potter (voice of “Hiro”), Daniel Henney (voice of “Tadashi”) and Scott Adsit (voice of “Baymax”)! Ba-la-la-la-la, indeed!

Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast

Of course, no Disney Blogging trip would be complete without a Tinker Bell appearance. Yes, I’m a guy and I have two boys, but even still I actually enjoyed The Pirate Fairy when I covered it on my last trip out West. This time around we hit DisneyToon Studios for a special press day celebrating the in-home release of Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.

We’ll get to sit down for interviews with the filmmakers as well as the voice of “Fawn,” who just happens to be Ginnifer Goodwin. You might know her better as Snow White from Once Upon A Time!

Once Upon a Time, Fawn

And then there’s a slew of ABC TV fun too! I’ll get to preview a couple of not-yet-aired episodes of ABC’s new family comedy Fresh off the Boat. I’ve seen a few commercials for this one already and I have to admit it does look pretty funny. So I’m looking forward to meeting the show’s writer and Executive Producer Nahnatchka Kahn as well as available cast members!

Fresh Off the Boat

Last but not least, I’m gonna hang with the mom from Good Luck Charlie! She cracks us all up in our house. Yep, Leigh-Allyn Baker is the star and Executive Producer of the upcoming Disney Channel Film Bad Hair Day and besides getting a sneak peek at the movie, I’ll get to ask her all sorts of great questions. Should be a real… wait for it… hair-raising adventure!


There may be other surprises in store, but I know I’m going to have an absolute blast. Disney really knows how to take care of its bloggers. And if last trip was any indication of how much fun a time I’m going to have, then I really can’t wait.

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What are you most looking forward to hearing about from my trip?

18 thoughts on “Me, Costner and Snow White are Gonna Be BFFs When I Head Back to Los Angeles! #McFarlandUSAEvent”

  1. I watched McFarland USA recently and thought it was simply wonderful! I am definitely going to own this when it comes out. The Tinkerbell one looks sweet but my daughter says she is too “old” to watch that now – she’s eleven. I may have to talk my 5-year old niece to watch with me!

  2. What a fantastic trip. I only know about half of those folks but wow, what an experience. If you need a travel assistant let me know. Ha!

  3. you are going to have so much fun,,i love the excitement and cant wait to hear if those stars are as nice in person as they seem to be,,go have a blast kiddo

  4. Your blogging trip sounds so exciting! I’d love to meet Kevin Costner and Ginnifer Goodwin. I can’t wait to read about your journey back to Los Angeles!


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