My Pixar Studios Tour Revved Me Up for Cars 3

Cars 3 Event

Walking along the sun-filled campus of Pixar Studios in Emeryville, California, you can’t help but feel the physical presence of creativity in the air. It sounds cliche, I know, but after getting a private tour of the grounds, along with two dozen fantastic bloggers on a #Cars3Event, I now have a better understanding of why Pixar’s movies are so incredibly entertaining, adorable and full of pure imagination. Pixar isn’t just another film studio cranking out …

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KidzVuz Back2School Bash Ruled


Out of the three blogging events I attended in NYC last month (Blogger Bash, Blog Her and KidzVuz), I can easily say the best of the bunch was the KidzVuz Back 2 School event! It was just packed with so much… well, fun! The fact that kids could actually attend might’ve made a difference, because it was really neat seeing how wide their eyes got as they ran to play with the latest toys, meet …

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My NYC Blogging Hat Trick Began with Blogger Bash and a Kissing Pig

Blogger Bash #bbnyc

I kissed a pig and I liked it. #peppapig #bbnyc A photo posted by akardon1 (@akardon1) on Jul 17, 2015 at 4:00pm PDT Last week I pulled off the super rare blogging hat trick. Yes, I attended three different blog conferences in three days. Sure, they all overlapped and all took place in New York City, but as you’d expect, there was chaos aplenty! For those keeping score at home, I made it through Blogger …

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Me, Costner and Snow White are Gonna Be BFFs When I Head Back to Los Angeles! #McFarlandUSAEvent


Last year, I got to cross a number of items off my bucket list including hanging with Captain America and interviewing a Muppet. (I got to interview three Muppets actually!)  It was all thanks to an amazing Blogging Trip put together by the dream-makers known as Disney. Well, guess what? Apparently I didn’t embarrass myself too much interviewing Scarlett Johansson because I just got invited to my second Disney Blogger Trip in Los Angeles!!! This time …

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I’m Going to Los Angeles in March to Meet the Muppets and Captain America! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Captain America Captain America Disney

UPDATE: I’ve completed my #MuppetsMostWanted Blogging Adventure, so as I post new articles about everything, I’ll be adding the new links into this original post below. This week, I got the greatest email of my life. (Good thing my marriage proposal and kids being born weren’t done by email or I’d be in hot water for that comment.) It was from the awesome folks over at Disney. And it was a very special invitation. I …

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