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Big Hero 6

Yesterday I took the whole family to the local mall to see the newest Disney flick Big Hero 6. I knew next to nothing about this one, except that it’s based on a comic book created by Man of Action, the same great group of guys that created the Ben 10 series. (They’re also four talented comic book creators!)

Allie and I had spent the afternoon trimming loads of totally out-of-control bushes in the backyard so our hands were hurting and we were wiped. I honestly thought I might pass out the second we sat down in the theater.

Why am I telling you about my landscaping prowess? Simple. Big Hero 6 was so entertaining, I didn’t doze off once. My eyes didn’t even feel like bowling balls anymore either.

This is such a fun entertaining movie from Disney, and a story that’s quite a bit different than anything that’s come before. I think The Incredibles is probably the closest match I could make and only because of all the super powers.

Baymax, the sweet, giant, walking marshmallow clearly steals the show and is sure to be popping up everywhere you look.

Disney’s put together a real fun packet of family activities for you to print out and share with your kids. It’s loaded with mazes, puzzles, origami and more! Click the link or image below to download a zipped PDF of the free activity packet.

Big Hero 6 Activity Packet (PDF)

Hidden Objects

Big Hero 6

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32 thoughts on “Big Hero 6 Free Activity Sheets”

  1. We got to see this movie (fortunately with a free preview in Oct). It is Disney, so a happy ending. But, I appreciated the twists and turns in the plot. Thanks for your review!

  2. My son always loves a movie and then, like most kids, wants every toy out there that goes along with it. This time the toys look a little cheap to me- not that exciting. I guess the movie was pretty great though.

  3. My daughter has been waiting for this movie to be released. We are going to see it this weekend! She is excited because not only does she love all animated movies lol, she read there are subtle references that pay homage to some anime characters and that thrilled her! lol Ty so much for your review and the DL!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the download of the activity pack. My grandkids are really going to love these and will keep them busy for awhile.

  5. This movie looks like so much fun to take my niece and nephew to see. We will be going I am sure. I like the 6 Free activity sheet that they can look at!

  6. Disney animated movies have always been very entertaining to people of all ages and Big Hero 6 is no exception. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I may have to see this soon myself.

  7. Thanks for your opinion on the show. My daughter and I saw the previews in the theater last month and she really wants to see it. I think we will wait for next weekend to go.


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