I Finally Believe The Family Circus is Cool

Since I was a kid, I’ve never really liked Bil Keane’s Family Circus. I thought it was cute at best but really was a three-trick pony. The same three jokes just kept being rotated over and over and over again.

There’s the Jeffy running through the maze of a neighborhood. The kids blaming things on “Not Me” and “Ida Know.” And then one of the kids misinterpreting mom or dad’s conversations. Sure there were a few other’s thrown in, but I always felt like once you read Family Circus for a week, you were pretty much done.

Until today.

Granted, this strip doesn’t “air” until the Sunday paper, but we get our Comics delivered with the Saturday paper. So I read it. And my mind was blown. Go ahead. Read it.

Family Circus #StarWars

Did you see it? Do you get it? Do you see why my geek side is exploding with joy?

No, no. It has nothing to do with what Billy’s saying. But look down at the figures the kids are playing with. Yeah, they look kind of like Star Wars figures, right? Stormtroopers most likely. Actually, some look kind of like Snow Troopers.

That normally would’ve done nothing for me. But there was more.

Take a look at the toy in mom’s hands. Is it? It can’t be, can it? Why, yes, I believe that’s a Slave I ship! Boba Fett’s awesome ship from Empire Strikes Back! (Before I get any annoying nerdy comments saying it’s really Jango Fett’s ship, etc., let me just explain that Episodes I-III never happened and as far as I’m concerned, they are not part of Star Wars canon.)

Anyways, take a closer look:

Family Circus Star Wars

Here’s what the Slave I toy looks like. Sadly, I never had it as a kid, but soooo wanted it. My cousins had it, though and yes, I was uber jealous. Especially since it came with a little Han Solo in Carbonite “figure” that slid right into the ship!

Slave I Boba Fett Star Wars

So, my apologies to Bil Keane and family. I may not enjoy reading the Family Circus. I may roll my eyes at most of the puns. But all is forgiven now that the Keane family has embraced the Power of the Force.

What do you think of The Family Circus?

9 thoughts on “I Finally Believe The Family Circus is Cool”

  1. I have always liked the Family Circus. The child centered humor is very easy for me to get and laugh about life and family. and the fact that they have Star Wars toys proves they are cool!!

  2. Your geek heart would probably explode from laughing if you could see my collection of nearly every Family Circus book I own! LOL! You just made MY heart smile with this! I fell in love with these books some thirty-four years ago and actually learned how to read using them. I love this!!

  3. Ironically, that’s my family’s favorite comic strip, We often point it out to each other. I like how you found something to like about it. I wonder the back story of how the ship got into the picture.

  4. Oh yes, that is certainly an EMPIRE STRIKES BACK-era Slave-1. Funny enough, I have an Amazon package coming tomorrow with one the latest iteration in STAR WARS REBELS packaging (perhaps a clue that Boba Fett will soon appear on the show?). I’ve owned that ship many times, and yes, if it wasn’t before, FAMILY CIRCUS is definitely cool now.


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