My Garage is Ready for PrimeTime With This Killer Penn State Locker

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gladiator® GarageWorks for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

PennStateLogoSometimes I wish I had gone to a college with a real sports team. See, I went to SUNY Binghamton where the only real sports talk was about the college hockey team. Yeah, the one that had lost 30 games in a row.

Granted, I met my wife there, so I can’t really complain. But I never really got into College Sports because of it. I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, though, so whenever I do watch or root for college teams, it’s usually Pennsylvania based. Like Penn State.

If you’re a crazy rabid college football fan (which probably describes 95% of most college football fans), then you are so going to love this line of PrimeTime™ Lockers from Gladiator

I was sent a Penn State version from Gladiator® GarageWorks to take for a test drive and I gotta tell you, these things are the real deal.

First off, I love the look of this thing. Real bold colors and a perfectly stated logo. It’s not overdone with a zillion logos all over the place; just one nice and big. GladiatorLockerPennNow, when the locker arrives it’s mostly put together. You just take it out of the box and need to install the handle/combination lock.

It also includes instructions and parts for mounting it to a wall, which is highly recommended, no matter where you put this sucker in your house. Its loads easier to remove the Gladiator locker with two people.No worries about scratches with the careful packaging.It was real easy to put the lock together and in no time flat I was ready to start storing stuff in my locker and forgetting the combination. Just like high school! I only  hope I don’t show up to class in my underwear. Those dreams are the worst, right?

You just need to add a combination locker/handle and the double hook to hang your stuff. If you can handle a screwdriver, you can handle this. Seriously, there were only a few pieces to work with. If it takes you more than 10 minutes total, that’s too long!PrimeTime Locker GladiatorThese lockers are pretty versatile too. You can put them in the garage to store your kids sports gear. Put it in your basement by your home gym loaded up with workout clothes, towels and whatnot. Or put it in your kids’ rooms to get them thinking about college real early on!

I put mine in the garage and and started loading in some of our sports gear such as batting helmets, tennis racquets and baseball bats. Though if I can keep up my new exercise regime, I’d love to stick this in the basement by our home gym and fill it with workout gear and towels too!Prime Time Locker GladiatorGladiator PrimeTime Locker ShelfNow, Gladiator obviously working with more than just one college! Currently, you can show your support for the following universities:

  • University of Alabama
  • University of Arkansas
  • Auburn University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Kentucky
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Texas
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of Wisconsin

Gladiator’s always adding more, though, so if your school isn’t listed, keep looking, or better yet, let them know!

What team locker would you choose?  

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