The Disney Channel Offers Up a Bad Hair Day That’s Worth Having

Bad Hair Day

I’m a guy, so I don’t think I’ve ever really had a bad hair day. Personally, however, I’ve probably had a Bad Hair Life. I can remember back to high school when my hairline actually started receding and my bald spot first reared its ugly head. But despite all that, I’ve never had to worry about my hair getting too frizzy or too flat. Women, on the other hand, don’t just have to dress for …

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I Sat Next to Leigh-Allyn Baker While Watching Bad Hair Day


Movies are always more fun with a crowd. For some reason it’s just easier (and more enjoyable) to let loose and laugh when you’ve got your buddies nearby. Me? I go one step further. I get the stars themselves to join me. Okay, so maybe I had a “little” bit of help but on my recent #McFarlandUSAEvent Blogging Trip to L.A., I had the sincere pleasure of previewing the Disney Channel’s upcoming movie Bad Hair …

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