It’s Take Your Action Figure to Work Day


Every day seems to be a holiday here in the United States. National Bacon Eating Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day. Fit Your Fist In Your Mouth Day. It just never seems to end. Usually I pay no attention to these crazy made-up holidays. But March 4 is a fantabulous day. One that should actually be a Federal Holiday if you ask me. Yes indeed, it’s the 3rd Annual Take Your Action Figure to Work Day! …

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Yep, I Rode On a Double-Decker Train

I recently got myself a full-time job down in Manhattan. This despite my life-long declaration to never, ever, ever, ever work in NYC. It’s not that I hate the city (it is loud and crowded), I just hate the commute. Where I live there’s no quick, easy commute in. You either take a super crowded, annoying bus in or you hop a train down to Hoboken or Secaucus, NJ and then transfer to another train …

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8 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss Isn’t the Greatest Job in the World

I’ve been working for myself for about five years now. And while being my own boss certainly has its privileges, it also has some serious downsides. I know a lot of freelance writers who’d easily agree, especially when it comes to the whole “feast or faminine” part of the job. Some months you’re just rolling in the dough, and others, not so much. Anyways, besides the straight-up obvious salary part of working for someone else, there …

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