It’s Take Your Action Figure to Work Day

Every day seems to be a holiday here in the United States. National Bacon Eating Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day. Fit Your Fist In Your Mouth Day. It just never seems to end.

Usually I pay no attention to these crazy made-up holidays. But March 4 is a fantabulous day. One that should actually be a Federal Holiday if you ask me. Yes indeed, it’s the 3rd Annual Take Your Action Figure to Work Day!

Funny thing is, I already have a slew of action figures at my office. Captain America and Spidey chill with me on my desk, while the entire Avengers crew and the Star Wars gang watch over me from the windowsill. My home office is chock full of action figures. Here’s a quick snapshot of my bookcase at home.


So who’s joining me at work tomorrow? That’s actually a very tough question.

I literally have hundreds of action figures down in the basement. They’re all mixed together in various bins for the kids to play with. From Star Wars to Marvel to Super Mario Bros., all my favorites are represented in a variety of sizes.

I just raced downstairs to pick one out and stumbled upon a classic icon…


Yep, that’s the infamous Mego Spidey who gained notoriety in the ’90s doing… well, lots and lots of really bad things in the pages of ToyFare magazine. (Special collector’s note: This was the original Mego Spidey actually used in his very first appearance of the first ToyFare Special Edition!)

So uh, yeah. No way I’m bringing this bad boy to work with me. Next!


I’ve become a huge fan of Barry Allen’s, thanks to the amazing The Flash TV show I watch weekly with my family. I mean how helpful could this guy be?!? Making photocopies. Getting coffee. Picking up lunch. He could have it all done before I finish my sentence!

Except, all that efficiency could backfire and make me look bad at the office.

Uh uh. Sorry, Flash.

What I need is someone a lot more inept. Lovable but basically a buffoon. And I think I have the perfect solution…

#Simpsons #AFWD2016

Stay tuned to see how my Take An Action Figure to Work Day goes! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, as well as the hashtag #AFWD2016! Plenty of companies will be joining in too, like Hasbro! (@HasbroNews  on Twitter or @Hasbro on Instagram) So join in on the fun or just tag along for the ride.

What action figure are you bringing to work?  

9 thoughts on “It’s Take Your Action Figure to Work Day”

  1. I didnt know about the holiday. I would have taken something like a crazy cat lady figure. I am a crazy cat lady who happens to be typing and joining into the convo.

  2. Since I am retired, I am not taking anyone to work. However, I would like to comment on those little animals figurines in Red Rose Tea many years ago-probably about 20 years when I was working. One of the girls there at the office collected these figurines and I gave her some of mine. I did not want to throw them out and I didn’t have great -grandchildren(at that time) to play with them. I liked the little animals and I was happy that they went to a good home. That is my little story about collecting. I now collect Blue Mountain Pottery, but that is another story.

  3. I wish, here in Canada, Action Hero Day existed. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I would have brought my Wonder Woman action figure with me!

  4. Man, when I get to work tonight and this holiday is nearly over I’ll finally get to take some fun photos. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get all of the toys into one shot. Yikes.


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