Celebrate Father’s Day with the Father of Marvel Comics: Stan Lee

I bought myself an early Father’s Day present. Yep, when I saw the new Marvel Legends Stan Lee action figure, I knew it had to be mine.

My home office is cluttered (I mean that in the most complimentary way!) with all sorts of action figures, Legos, statues and more based on comic books, Star Wars, cartoons and pop culture. From Captain America to Danger Mouse to Mr. T to even Kool-Aid Man, I like to surround myself with lots of friends.

I haven’t bought as many action figures as I used to, mainly because they’re fairly expensive and I guess I’d rather send my kids to college than complete the latest collection of Marvel Legends figures just so I can get enough of the build-a-figure pieces to put Fin Fang Foom together.

So nowadays, I really only splurge on POP Vinyl figures or other action figures when there’s a character I really really want.

Marvel Legends Stan Lee was a no brainer.

Marvel Legends Stan Lee action figure

He’s the Father of Marvel Comics.

He’s the initial True Believer.

He’s the man who taught millions of kids about the word, “Excelsior!”

He’s Stan “The Man,” and he absolutely deserves a place on my bookshelf next to the characters he helped create over the past 50+ years.

Marvel Legends Stan Lee

Technically the Marvel Legends Stan Lee figure is based on his cameo in the original Avengers movie. He was playing chess and just brushed off the whole superhero thing. As the packaging says, “Inspired by Stan Lee’s cameo as a skeptical chess player in Marvel’s The Avengers.”

Dressed in a casual outfit with leather jacket and his familiar glasses, Stan comes with two accessories: a folded up chessboard and Captain America’s iconic shield, though it features Stan Lee’s signature on it.

The simple Marvel Legends packaging also features a Stan Lee signature on the front and a huge booming EXCELSIOR! on the sides.

Hasbro did a great job with this one and I love seeing that the figure’s available at regular stores like Target and Walmart. It’s also now available at Amazon for $24.99.

I wonder if they’ll ever get around to making a Jack Kirby Marvel Legends figure too based on the artist, so Stan would have a real-life comics buddy to hang around with. While that would be extra cool, this True Believer is just happy that Stan has broken the barrier once more. He’s had his cameos in comics, in the Marvel movies, and now alongside the Marvel action figures.

Happy Father’s Day, True Believers!

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  1. I love the Stan Lee figurine with the signed Captain America shield. I actually have a special edition of a Captain America comic signed by Stan Lee, Sebastian Stan (Bucky), and a few others.


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