Nestlé Pure Life+ Adds That Something Extra to My Daily Routine

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Nestlé Pure Life+If you’re anything like me, your exercise routine of late has consisted of lifting the TV remote and stuffing pizza into your mouth. But with the weather warming up, I’ve started  enjoying the great outdoors. And I’m happy to say that Nestlé® Pure Life®+ is playing a big part in my everyday  routine.

I’m not a runner at all, but I did promise my wife that this year’s goal would be to successfully run a 5k. Who knew that meant running for three whole miles? (Nobody told me there’d be math!)

Thankfully, I believe in the old adage of, “you have to walk before you can run.” So that’s what I’m doing. Walking.

If it’s a beautiful day out, I’m making my way through the neighborhood. If it’s raining, I can always fall back on my treadmill in the basement. Either way, I’m making sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in as many days as I can. Soon, however, I’ll have to start transitioning to interval running. That’s running for short spurts and then walking in between.

Over time, I’m hoping to build up my endurance. First goal is to jog an entire mile without stopping… or fainting. Then I’ll shoot for 1.5 miles. And so on.

All this exercise is definitely making me tired, though. Even just writing about it is exhausting me!

That’s where Nestlé Pure Life+ comes in. This isn’t just any old water. The “plus” stands for that something extra to help contribute to normal body functioning by providing unique minerals and helping you stay hydrated as your wife makes you run more than you ever have in your entire life.

Nestlé Pure Life+ is currently available in three unique flavors, each with its own unique benefit.


Nestlé Pure Life+ Revive with Magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue

Nestlé Pure Life+ Lemon



Nestlé Pure Life+ Protect with Zinc to support normal immune system functioning

Nestlé Pure Life+ Blackberry



Nestlé Pure Life+ Active with Potassium to support normal muscle function

Nestlé Pure Life+ Orange

I’m trying to drink more water in general, but let’s be honest, water doesn’t really taste that great. Sure, on a brutally hot summer day when you are parched beyond belief, an ice cold glass of water hits the spot.

Nestlé Pure Life+ in the fridge

But add a dash of lemon and you suddenly have a little zing. Give your water a bit of an orange flavor and your life just got interesting. Or finally, flavor your water with my favorite, blackberry, and you actually start looking forward to your daily hydration.

Not only do I love all three flavors (and I’m hoping Nestlé Pure Life+ expands to add more flavors like strawberry and watermelon… hint, hint), but I love that there are no juices added, nor any sugar sweeteners. That means no nasty aftertaste.

Nestlé Pure Life+ drinking

Even though the blackberry flavor is my favorite, I’m switching up between all three flavors to make sure I’m not just supporting my normal immune system functioning, but also helping fight fatigue and support my normal muscle functioning as I exercise.

Walmart website

I recently received Nestlé Pure Life+ from, where they have all three flavors available. It is super easy for you to order online! Though, since everybody is attached at the hip to their phones (myself included), you can also easily order through Walmart’s spiffy mobile app.

Now, when I stop running (shhh… please don’t tell my wife), I’ll still keep drinking Nestlé Pure Life+ products because frankly it’s a real easy way to work some unique minerals and hydration into my ever-busier daily life.

Nestlé Pure Life+ water flavors

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