The World’s Greatest Secret Agent Danger Mouse Returns!

Left Penfold Right Danger Mouse ©2014 FremantleMedia Limited

He’s the greatest. He’s fantastic. Wherever there is trouble he’ll be there.

Yes siree. Sweep up the crumbs and put on the tea kettle because Danger Mouse is back in business!

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well, that’s just sad! Danger Mouse was one of my favoritest cartoons growing up. A parody of British Spy Shows, Danger Mouse was a James Bond-type of hero complete with the perfect British Accent and signature spy moves.

With his faithful hamster sidekick Penfold (who’s just a “tad” bit scared at times), Danger Mouse was always on the scene to stop some dastardly villains from taking over the world in a ridiculous over-the-top performance.

It was really a fun, innovative show and I nearly spit out my crumpets when I heard that Danger Mouse wasn’t just back, but he’s back exclusively on Netflix!

I’ve watched (and re-watched) so many of my favorite childhood toons with my kids thanks to Netflix. And now, not only do they get a taste of one of my all-time favorites, but they (and me!) get a whole new animated-series starring the world’s greatest secret agent!


The first season of the all-new Danger Mouse contains 24 action-packed, gadget-filled episodes guaranteed to keep me smiling! I blew through the first episode with my eyes glued to the TV and let me tell you, it was like having a reunion with an old friend. Well, that is, if your old friend is a one-eyed mouse who can fight giant robots in space one minute and race to your rescue in the heart of London the next.

Everything I loved about the original DM is back with updated graphics and yes, even updated jokes. This time around, British actor and comedian Stephen Fry picks up the voice mantel of Colonel K, the good-hearted (if not often dimwitted) boss of Danger Mouse.

What’s even cooler about Netflix, though, is that they have 10 seasons of the original Danger Mouse for viewing too! Gah! I think it’s time I introduced my boys to the joys of binge watching on Netflix courtesy of the Danger Mouse Classic Collection!


Also, my kids will finally understand daddy’s keychain. It is the greatest after all.


What was your favorite cartoon from the ’80s?



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  1. I didnt have much ime in the 80s to watch cartoons I am afraid. In the 70s it was probably something like Thr Roadrunner or Foghorn Leghorn. I actually did watch some in the 80s and it was Beavis and Butthead.


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