Distract Your Children from Ruining Your Home with Disney Films

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Children are known for creating a mess within the home, especially during school holidays and weekends. From the moment they open their eyes until they close them again, there is normally havoc being created – but that’s why we love them, right?

Unfortunately for most parents, having children tends to cost them a huge amount of money – and not just on toys and clothes.

The Daily Mail published a report conducted by More Than on the amount of money children cost their parents by drawing on walls and breaking plates. Unbelievably, More Than found that the average child under 10 years old costs their parents £2,000 per year due to repairs having to be made to the house.

Over half of the parents involved in the study commented that their children are the root cause for any destruction caused in the home. Further to this two in three boys were named ‘hazardous’ in the home in comparison to just four in 10 girls. Twenty-five percent of parents interviewed believe they cannot purchase anything that is breakable due to their children.

As a result, many parents and homeowners have begun looking into the More Than home insurance extras in order to secure their home for as little as possible.

However, during the weekends and school holidays there is a certain way to distract your children from running riot in the home and creating havoc: Disney films. All children love Disney films and this is the best way to get them to sit still, calm down and keep your walls and windows intact.

Here are the top 10 Disney films that children love:

  1. The Lion King
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Aladdin
  4. Finding Nemo
  5. The Little Mermaid
  6. Frozen
  7. Tangled
  8. Toy Story
  9. Spirited Away
  10. Monsters Inc

These films are ideal to calm children down, make them laugh and teach them life lessons. After all Beauty and the Beast does teach us that beauty is only skin deep.

Rather than making children do something they do not want to do in a plight to save your house – let them do something fun. This can include them acting out the films and dressing up. Look after your house by keeping your children entertained.

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  1. What if your children use the Disney films to create the destruction? LOL My toddlers favorite activity is getting out every movie we own and throwing them around the basement. I would definitely agree that boys are more hazardous than girls… at least until the teenage years! 🙂


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